Thursday, December 10, 2009

Town and country

The 12 year old is really getting into photography. Part of this means that I rashly promised her we would go on a 'night shoot' around the city. We dug out my Dad's old tripod for her and she has been having a ball. I took this shot of the Catholic Basillica here in Christchurch, was about 9pm from memory. To me it looks quite exotic at night when it's all lit up and empty!

Back to Kaikoura briefly, the Ice Cream van can still tempt children out to sample their wares! And then there are the not so young children who also ventured out.....


louciao said...
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louciao said...

What are chuppa chups?!!

(WV: "terse" hence the shortness of message)

louciao said...

PS. Sorry I made a mess in the first comment box.

That cathedral photo does look exotic. When I first glimpsed it I wondered where on earth you'd got to.

I love how you did the ice cream truck picture with the older folks (who are evidently still young at heart) in black and white, in contrast to the colourful young'uns.

Lovely to have mum & daughter fun times together.

Steve said...

Ha ha... love the black and white effect just to bring the message home!

Brother Tobias said...

$3.50 for pump water? Sounds most unappealing. Over here you could have stood outside with your mouth open at any time during the last six weeks, and had $3.50 worth in about 30 seconds.

Toffee milk for me, everytime.

VioletSky said...

$1 for popcorn? how many kernels do you get for $1?

yeah, old people are rather black and white, aren't they?

Rol said...

The lighting on that church makes it look like something out of a horror film! Nice work!

The Sagittarian said...

Louciao - They're like a lolly pop but round like a golf ball (not as big) - they are very sticky and should be kept well away form one's hair!

Steve - Ice cream trucks still remind me of the Child Catcher from the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang movie - I don't trust them myself!

brother T - er Pump is a brand name for bottled water...still a rip off I guess tho' considering as you say mostly you can get water for free.

Violet - not sure actually, I don't like pop corm so I don't buy it!

Rol - thanks very much! Just after I took that photo some pidgeons flew out of the much for bats!

A Write Blog said...

WE have let our 7 year old Granddaughter use our camera. She is surprisingly good.

She loves Chuppa Chups too.

Selina Kingston said...

If your daughter has half your talent she is going to be one amazing photographer. I love the basilica photo!
(I feel the same about the childcatcher but those ice cream vans still draw me in!!)

Meggie said...

You really have to watch these old grey buggers, as they try to hog the Ice Cream van!!
I know a slightly blue story about that Basilica. I wont repeat it here!! haha.