Sunday, December 19, 2010

Silent Sunday


Steve said...

3 and a half inches of snow yesterday... are you trying to rub it in?

The Sagittarian said...

Steve - Have seen all that snow, looks like it will disrupt travel plans for quite a few people!

Stickup Artist said...

Oh, I remember days like that. The weather IS the main topic today. We are getting so much rain here in SoCal. I didn't know it could rain this hard this many days in a row. Sounds like the sky is releasing itself everywhere.

...louciao... said...

Those are mighty tall palm trees, or "ponkeys" as my other sister used to call them when she was little and we travelled to California every summer. What brilliant skies you have in the land down under. We have no snow! But we also have no ponkeys.

Anonymous said...

towards the light, large as life.

no rain, neither snow, temperature outside still above the one inside a fridge.

please have a good new week.

daily athens

kj said...

i love this sag! are you experimenting? is this photoshop?

more please, anytime.

happy happy holidays

Owen said...

So is this the view whilst lying on one's back, looking up at the palms and sky, after having consumed one too many of those tequila killers you were advocating (or should I say, ad-vodka-ting) the other day ? Looks like it's affected your vision a little as well !