Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tuesday Tipple

It's been awhile since we had a tipple together hasn't it! The universe (well, my small part in it anyway) has conspired against me in that I haven't any glassware to serve my drinks in. And by the looks of it, I shouldn't be in a hurry to replace it all anytime soon.

Anyway, there is always the picnic-ware (or a bucket and straw)...so, what do you say that we try one of these:-

Tom Collins
 1 tablespoon sugar syrup

Juice of 1 medium lemon
Shot or two of Gin
Stir all and add 4 ice-cubes. Fill with soda water, stir again, and serve

Now this clip isn't a farewell to Christchurch, it's just a song that means a bit to me at the moment as our city is so changed. I miss it the way it was and the way it will be in future. I went for a drive about the city to the edges of the cordons and looked down the streets that are so devoid of people, buildings and life....having a 'sorry for our town' day. 


ρομπερτ said...

Would you please make me two of them. At least. Thank you.

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Vicky said...

Understand the replacement of glassware situation...I was just talking to my mum on the phone and she was telling me about the front page of "The Press" this morning.

Margaret Pangert said...

Hi Saj~ Here's to your approaching winter and our summer... I like the shot "or two" of gin! And with the club soda sounds so refreshing. Our Town was so beautiful, poignant, sad... I hope you don't get that second earthquake they're predicting. One idea is to place yourself inside a door jamb for the duration: everything will fall down around you, but you will be safe. But God forbid this happens! Praying for you... Love

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The Sagittarian said...

Robert- I am sure I can rustle up a few more for you - I have plenty of buckets now! :-)

Vicky - Hi and thanks for visiting! I have to say it's been rather quiet on the shake front for a day or two...makes me edgy! If you have ties to Christchurch, I do hope everyone you know is ok. :-)

Margaret - If we do get another big shake it will be number 3, and I tell you our doorways have been getting good work-outs since 4 September 2010!! Its something that we just have to be ready for these days, nothing is certain underfoot. Do you know, I have only ever attended one ball? It was New Years many years ago and I fell on my butt and ended up at the hospital A & E with severe bruising!

kj said...

oh sag, what a sad sight to see and a hard way to live. i hope there are no more quakes in your life. i can only imagine how overwhelming and emotional it is to see your town so changed, so damaged.

i saw this in new orleans after hurricane katrina. it has been rebuilt, but at higher rents and less diversity. i hope for good rebuilding for you..


Stickup Artist said...

That must be sooooo freaky. Usually things change and then reshape themselves over long periods of time and we can adjust slowly.

I guess you meant it as a joke, but I've been to bars, mostly at the beach, that serve huge drinks in buckets with straws!

Steve said...

Cocktails in a bucket? What a fab idea. You got class. Get me a ladle!

Keith said...

Glassware is so last season. I hear everyone is sipping their gin straight from the bottle these days. Less slippage. If the ground isn't going to stand still you need something to rely on.

Your words about your town are so poignant.

Phil said...

Time you started another competition for the most unusual or inventive 'improvised drinking receptacles' IDR's for quake city survivors. Then you need to swot up on the back to basics, ultimate survivors guide essentials on how to make your own gin from scratch. First you need a clean and intact bath tub. Then you need to follow this link...http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bathtub_gin

The Sagittarian said...

kj - we're getting there slowly!

StickUp-I wanna go to the beaches you go to!!

Steve - Ladle? You ponce, let's just use that spare hose and syphen it in...

Keith - oh goody, I'm glad to be almost ahead of myself in the 'whats chic and what isn't' stakes!

Phil-Bath tub gin, great idea! I am sure one could wash in it too...

...louciao... said...

Sorry...what were you saying, Saj? I had my head in the bucket and couldn't hear a thing, what with the rattling of the ice cubes and all.

Owen said...

Just like our sister Ciao to have her head in a bucket, lapping up the gin-soaked ice cubes ! (What was that song that starts... "I met a gin-soaked barroom queen in Memphis..." ?)

Am so late getting here, don't know if you'll even see this, but I can hope, can always hope. Glad to see that even if your glassware situation is in disarray that the glass of your computer monitor still allows you to see to type up a tipple to share a little sip-sipple with us so we can dribble happily away in our cups while holding out hope that your life will return to "normal" sometime before too long...

Big hugs from France, where lack of rain has been turning the entire north into a parched yellow desert... it finally rained last night for the first time in months, so perhaps there is hope yet.

Also, as for glassware, maybe it is time to start using animal skin water bags again, as the aboriginal ("primitive") peoples did long ago... no risk of breakage there... we could call it "Gin In a Skin" ! Or "A Slurp in a Fur" ? "Beer in a deer" ? We may also have to start wearing animal skins again before long, if the worldwide economy goes belly up, which it seems to be threatening to do. Then the royal wedding could have been billed as : A bride in a hide...

The Sagittarian said...

Louciao- that rattling was just another shake, love!

BrOwen- ah love the idea of Bride in a Hide! Shake in a snake? (We'll have to improvise cos we don't have snakes here...)Don't worry about being late, there's plenty to go round and it's always good yo see you here!!