Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I've been tagged by the Old Cheeser himself.

Here are the rules:

Firstly, post these rules and a link to the person who tagged you.

Secondly, share seven facts about yourself, all devastatingly interesting.

Lastly, tag seven people at the end of your post, linking their names to their blogs. Follow this up by advising said parties of the tag in the comment section on their blog(s).

Hm, define "devastatingly interesting"....

1. I know all the words to Kenny Rogers "The Gambler"; if I have enough champers I play it and sing it loud (even making the dm dm dm bits of guitar riff), and then I play Rita McNeil's "Working Man" and tell everyone who hasn't already run away that I want that played at my funeral. No-one notices.

2. I backed Mum's car into a corrigated iron fence when I was learning to drive and was so scared that I put the car into first and drove off taking half the fence with me! I'm sure no-one noticed.

3. I was a Prefect at school.

4. On a dare from The Stud and no doubt unduly influenced by aforementioned champers, I once ran out to the front gate of our house stark naked scaring the beejesus out of some late night walkers. Although they came back for another look, I'm sure they didn't notice.

5.I loved Amsterdam and New York but have a soft spot for San Francisco (Stan Frank's Disco) as it was there that I got kinda kidnapped by a lovely and crazy Irish taxi driver on the eve of my departure! I was wandering back from Fisherman's Wharf, tired and bummed out cos I was going home that evening and decided to spend my last Yankee dollars on a cab ride. Got talking to the driver who then decided that I couldn't leave until I'd seen the Zig Zag road and off we went; then he decided I couldn't leave until he had driven like a maniac down "that street where Steve McQueen drove in Bullet". The driver had moved to SF as the small Irish town he was from wasn't that considerate of his er.."life choices" back when he was a lad and he had lived happily in SF ever since. I often wonder what he's doing now, he'd be in his 60s at least.

6. A friend and I once hopped on the train from Greymouth to Christchurch and got off it at Jackson's Pub; we woke up in Hokitika the next morning and hadn't noticed how we got there!

7. I am trying to write a play with a good mate of mine and we have stalled horribly. We need to get our Act together (hahahahaha, punning is another annoying habit of mine) or the only stage we'll be on will be the next one outta town. Yee haa.

I don't know enough bloggers to tag. I'm a sad case without doubt. No-one notices.


Antipodeesse said...

I noticed! Highly entertaining! I've already done this meme though, and have no further interesting things about myself to report...

Old Cheeser said...

Well done Amanda and thanks for taking up my challenge!

Some interesting facts there...

1. I don't know much Kenny Rogers stuff - are you a fan then? I do love "Islands In The Stream" with Dolly though. Once I get my PC working at home I'll have to watch your YouTube clip.

2. You naughty girl! Still I can't even drive and am actually feeling nervous about it if I ever learn, so I expect I'll be having car crashes on a daily basis.

3. So did you turn into a total power freak and all-round authoritarian bitch? Did the power corrupt?

4. That's hilarious. Any pictures?

5. Never been to SanFran but it's one of my next holiday destinations. Nice of that guy to show you some of the hot spots. When you say "life choices" are you referring to drugs or sexual orientation? Or something else? I'm curious...

6. Must have been a good journey/experience if you can't even remember...

7. A play, that's cool!! Can you give us any clues as to what it's about? The life and times of a wild girl from Wellington perhaps?

Steve said...

Ha ha! One of the best list of interesting things I've ever seen - certainly beats mine hands down! You sound like a great person to travel with - but I'm not sure I'd be able to keep up! I love NY too. I spent the first half hour absolutely terrified but then, after braving the ferry around The Statue I kinda chilled... after that I was sucked into the whole NY thing and had a whale of a time. Great city. Felt very safe too. Mind you, this was back in '96...

The Sagittarian said...

Thanks, Anitpo...I am delighted that now you are weaning yourself of "Seb" that my blog may get a look-in!!

OC -
1.I wouldn't say I'm a fan of Kenny, just that song really.
3. According to my two brothers I have always been a total power freak and all-round authoritarian bitch!
4. No pix, something you can be thankful for!
5. Ah, you're astute..was the sexual orientation issue. Personally I've never been too bothered about that, the power to love and be loved is more important.
7. The play is meant to be a piss-take on speed dating. We really only got the idea because a friend of my friend has a play on stage somewhere in the UK about Margaret Thatcher, and we thought "Hey, we can do that, how hard can it be to write a bleedin' play?" And now we know.

Steve, thanks mate! I loved NY too, the funny thing was on my first night there at the Hotel the phone rang and someone wanted to know if I was with Elton John's entourage! I guess people were ringing around looking for places who had people with odd accents staying there or something. The Hotel itself was shocking - literally. Everytime I touched anything metal I got a shock (cheap carpet I reckon), so they may well recall the time a strange-sounding Kiwi Bird stayed with them and she used to call thelift by using her elbows!!