Thursday, October 04, 2007

Ok, I'm back! I have been to Oamaru. Above here is an old stone warehouse which has been converted to a whisky bar and cafe. Apparently you can buy your own barrell for about $3,000 (no idea the Euros on that).
Then there are the tulips growing in my Mum's garden. She lives about 800 metres from the beach - how do they grow?? She is amazed only that there is one yellow one amongst the lot. How did Ol' Yella get there then!
Above that again is a photo looking out over Oamaru towards the North.
Then the first pic is of my Mum's can just see the ocean thru the trees if you stand on one leg and squint facing Mecca.
Its quite a relaxing place to visit, the kids love it. We stay in a wee "crib" (bach or "holiday hut" to the rest of you), and get woken early by birds nesting in the roof. However, my 12 year old reckons its better than having a truck or ambulance waking you up and I'd have to agree. Its great lying there listening to the waves on the beach, the gulls overhead, the wax-eyes and sparrows fighting for space on the roof....sigh.
Meanwhile, back in Christchurch this morning we had an earthquake, measured 5.6 on the richter scale. I personally don't mind them, but admit they can be scary. Perhaps "sphincter scale" would be better description..."Oh, that was a real bottom clencher..a 7 at least"
Back to work tomorrow...what a thrill.


Pixie said...

how does she grow those tulips? and the yellow one is great. How nice to have a school holiday weekend further south. How was the whiskey then??? hmmmm?

Steve said...

Welcome back! The photos look amazing; I'm dead jealous. Buying a barrel of whisky sounds a dangerous investment! I like the sphincter scale idea. We have a few tiny quakes in the UK occasionally. I suspect they'd barely raise a fart.

Old Cheeser said...

Sphincter scale, ha ha. I experience sphincter scale of a different variety...But I won't go into that.

Steve said...

Ha ha! Now I know that you're really back from Brazil!

The Sagittarian said...

Oh Simon, you are awful...but I like you!!
Pixie ol' bean, you know my mum can get anything to grow. Sadly I'm not much into whisky but The Stud is and he is suddenly keen to go visiting with my mum. Hm.
Steve, I adore the analogy (lets see if i can use THAT word without Simon getting excited!!) hehe

Old Cheeser said...

Ha ha! You are both SO right.