Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Crikey, some people are so clever and obviously have heaps of time on their hands,go here and watch this. Prepare to be amused.

We had a BBQ for dinner last night, so fantastic to have wonderful weather at last.
My dear friend Pixie is in San Francisco and then New York; so if anybody out there sees her say hi and tell her we hope she comes home in one piece and I personally hope she is following my instructions to get laid while she is there!!

Oh, and here are a couple of things I perhaps could have included in the last post...I was a nude model for a photograpgher mate of mine; I have a Certificate in Cocktail Mixology from the Christchurch Polytechnic (and sometimes wonder if I drink too much or not enough...); I went to a Cliff Richard concert once (and dammit, I'd do it was fantastic - cue the sad music, a dying friend gave me the ticket as an early birthday gift knowing she wouldn't be alive by the time the concert came round. When he sang "Miss you nights" I cried myself stupid and he gave me such a warm smile..yes it WAS to me!!); and I had 3 photographs win a Highly Commended in a national competition. Ta dah!!


Pixie said...

the earth moved in SF, you'll be pleased to know. It was an earthquake! yikes! just the one thank goodness. will seek the other ....
You're right (of course of course) SF is fantastic. there's a certificate in my passport that says I can stay til 28 Jan....
Off to NY tomorrow. stay tuned.

Old Cheeser said...

So your life is obviously so bursting with incident you had to add some more facts...impressive eh?

How lucky you are having good weather, here it's getting colder and colder...

A nude model!

A certificate in cocktail mixology definitely sounds like THE course to do. I will have to invite you round to mine to demonstrate your skills. I demand proof.

Cliff Richard. Ahem. Although I confess I had "Carrie" on my iPod fairly recently...So who I am to scoff?! And that's a lovely story about your dying friend giving you the ticket, very thoughtful.

And congrats on the photo win!

Steve said...

I have to admit I have "Wired For Sound" on my mp3 player. I know the video was awful and the lyrics are silly... but it's a great tune!

Nude model?? Brave you. That's something I could never do though I took life drawing classes when I was at college. I'm pretty good with a pencil. I didn't break my lead even once.