Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas Tag - thanks, Steve

Ok, have been tagged for a Christmas thingy whatsit. I'm not too good at this yet, so bear with me if you dare. Or go to sleep, whichever you think will be the most rewarding!

When people say Christmas you immediately think..."
Great, when is it this year?

Favourite Christmas memory?
I have two really, when I was little our family used to recreate the Nativity scene in our fireplace. I still have the doll that we used to dress up as Mary. Then, when were living on the Chatham Islands one year Mum and Dad had bought me a guitar. They figured that I would guess what it was if they wrapped it and left it under the tree so instead they left me an envelope which was the start of a treasure hunt. I finally found the guitar under the couch after having been all round the place on my hunt. It was great fun. We did a similar thing for our girls when they were little except we made it a hunt for pirate treasure (the "treasure" was actual costume jewellery that we had got in an auction) - it was great!

Fave Christmas carol/song?
Aw, has to be Snoopy's Christmas and The Fairy Tale of New York oh and lets not forget Elvis' Blue Christmas.

Fave Christmas movie?
Um...the Muppets Christmas Caper (I think thats its name)

Favourite Christmas character?
I like the idea of Black Peter from the Dutch traditions, yes he's a rat bag but hey....ok I'll be serious. Tiny Tim cos I'm with <>Steve on that one.

Favourite Christmas ornament/object?
One dish of brandy cream, two kids asleep, three glasses of champers...four adults doing dishes, five hours of sunshine, six bags, wait wrong song. I love the little moving figurines in shop windows...

Plans for this Christmas?
I have got a month off work and the sun has started doing its thing here (sorry you lot up north), we had 33 degrees in the shade at our house yesterday so we will be filling our pool now that we've repainted it and will have full on family time, I'll read a few books and do some writing, keep the little house elves happy...its asll going to be great!

Is Christmas my favourite holiday?
Yep cos its the longest and usually the best weather, sun sand beaches rivers...sigh! Bring it on, Santa this good gal is ready!!!


Antipodeesse said...

Love your "ornament" lyrics!

Would you please not mention the sunshine again? It's feckin' MINUS 4 degrees outside today. My soul is dying of frostbite...

Steve said...

Love the Christmas present hide and seek story - anticipation is definitely 9 10ths of the pleasure for me. Unless we're talking whiskey, of course.

Going to the beach for Christmas... *sigh* totally surreal!

Mike said...

Yeah, that whole Christmas at the beach thing is beyond me. We just had about a foot of snow here yesterday, but somehow for me, that is what makes Christmas.

The Sagittarian said...

You will all be thrilled to know it is raining and only 15 degrees here today. Harrumph.