Tuesday, December 18, 2007

You know something about this time of year is soooo phoney! People seem to conveniently forget how hard they worked at pissing me off during the year and it's all "Happy Christmas, mate" yeah right....however, in the spirit of things I have found a song that fits those people. All I have to do now is work out how to actually put the video on my blog as opposed to leaving the link. Feel free to forward your pearls of wisdom (or for those "crotchety knitwits" ones out there...your 'purls' of wisdom....)


Anonymous said...

You have to copy the "embed" code to get the youtube to appear rather than just the url. It is in the grey box to the right of the video (it's a much longer code). Just paste it into your draft post and it will appear!

Great vid.

And great hint re the Tommee Tippee.

Steve said...

Too right. The season of goodwill to all men... except for those f-wits who have stamped all over my toes for the last year. For them... I hope they burn their turkeys.

Mike said...

I grin with every Christmas card I open from a-holes that have f'd me over all year and now want to wish me a Happy Christmas. It just ain't right.

The Poet Laura-eate said...

Way-hey you've been to Oxford - you should've said!

A merry Michaelmas to you & yours in Wellington!


The Sagittarian said...

Hi Laura...um, I live in Christchurch but thanks for the good wishes!