Wednesday, December 26, 2007

We had this on Christmas Day....sunshine and loads of it, clear blue was a nice hot day. The perfect excuse (if you needed one that is) for setting up the backyard for a dinner party.
We also had this on Christmas Day, fresh oven baked Ciabatta (by my own hand no less!!), buttered hot and eaten with ham and wholegrain mustard, superb washed down with bubbly, or muscat, or red wine (or all three for the gluttons amongst us)
The end result? If that was the day we celebrate Christmas (and by the way, Happy Birthday Jesus) then wake me for Easter - I reckon that'll be a doosey!!


Steve said...

Good to see you're recylcing your bottles - our bin is looking very full with similar items... sign of a good Christmas to me! Hope you're having a good time!

Anonymous said...

yes, very impressive bottle collection. I've already had to go down to the local pub with ours a couple of times (not to get more alcohol - they have a recycling bin there!)

It must be so weird to celebrate Christmas somewhere hot. I just can't imagine it at all. I am off to Perth in 2009 for a few months but not till the beginning of Feb - maybe I should go a bit early to experience a summer Christmas? The children would probably love it.

Better go I suppose. It is hard to spend time online at the moment!!

Happy New Year if I don't get the chance to visit again before then.

The Sagittarian said...

Steve, I think we are keeping the recycling people in business!!

RB - Perth is hot any ol' time of the year. I have a sister-in-law living there and we rang her on Xmas day. She told us it was about 40 degrees there at that time...would have been about 3pm their time! Later on the news we saw it was Perth's hottest day in YEARS. I think February will be a good time to visit if you're not used to the heat.