Thursday, April 10, 2008

Naughty carrots

Much merriment in our house when we pulled these two outta the ground ( and yes, am well aware of the puns there!!). Well, what can you say?
Seen too much of this lately, another plane another place....had a great time doing the training.
Alliance Group Ltd's meat plant at Mataura. Interesting wee place and original home of one of New Zealand's Golden Sons - Justin Marshall. Mind you, it is the kind of sleepy hollow that is easy to blink and miss. It was a gloriously sunny day this day however, even tho' it started off very foggy and chilly. Really reminded me of that Barbra Streisand movie "On a clear day you can see forever" you can see by the photo below.... This photo is what the end of our country looks like, next stop Antarctica! Rather bleak look out but the seafood from these parts is fan-bloody-tastic. So fresh and succlent, everything is so clear as well. Standing there is almost like being on the bow of a big ship - say the Titanic?? but without the same disastrous result! You know the feeling, like you could step over the edge.
When I finally got home, the first thing that greeted me as I drove up was this wonderful rose bush in full glory - it is named El Dorado and I'm amazed it is still blooming so well as we are getting closer to autumn with each popping wine cork. Yes, I know, most wine bottles these days have screw caps (now now OC, don't start...) but to be honest I reckon you can't beat that glorious pop that goes with a cork being extracated!

I'll be putting up the Fruity Pork Curry recipe shortly, be warned to be stunnned more than you would by this....


Anonymous said...

Oh I just love rude carrots. My grandfather always used to keep them for us when we were children.

I always try to buy wine with a cork, not because I think it will taste better but because it doesn't seem right somehow not to have a cork. Why though do people talk about alcohol on pretty well every blog I go to????

Welcome back anyway.

Steve said...

Not sure if they're rude carrots so much as romantic carrots. They look quite chaste to me despite the obvious intimacy! ;-)

The Sagittarian said...

Steve, I wish had a higher threshold for smut - I really do!!

RB - Hi there. "Why ...alcohol on pretty well every blog I go to?" hm....obviously due to you being a woman of extreme taste and fortitude! :-)

Old Cheeser said...

Once again I get tarred with the "dirty" brush!! Why?!?!

I'd say those carrots look happily married, judging by the extent of their "entwinement".

As for the bendy face pic - uuuughhhh! Anyone you know?

Mike said...

Rude carrots are hilarious.

So looking forward to the roses blooming this summer.

The Sagittarian said...

Hi OC, no I have no idea who that weirdo is! Imagine being able to do that to yourself, puts a whole new spin on the term 'self-abuse"!!

Mike, yep you can't beat blooming roses I reckon. I hope you get plenty in your h'ospickle bed (minus the "pricks" of course...)

The Poet Laura-eate said...

I agree with Steve - they are more romantic carrots than sleazy carrots!

meggie said...

Carrots, over the years, have produced some very bizarre couples! haha.
That rose looks remarkably like one we had growing in our Christchurch garden many years ago- say 39! eek!
It had the most glorious perfume I have ever smelt, & my favourite roses are yellow!

The Sagittarian said...

Poet, You know, I honestly did feel bad cutting them up!

Meggie, that rose is called El Dorado. I found it in the Dunedin Gardens actually when my dad was in hospital there and we used to take him out for picnics when the weather permitted. When he and mum got married they had yellow roses and to this day, on their wedding anniversary, I send her yellow roses. Sadly dad died of kidney cancer 13 years ago but I still do this, and she got married again a year ago. Is that weird?

Fleagirl said...

I can't believe no one else commented on that bizarre photo? Is it a Kiwi thing? Are you all just calm over the fact that the person physically MOVED his orbital organs down to his cheekbones???

The carrots were cute. But the face is just *wrong*.

The Sagittarian said...

Fleagirl, wonderful to have you drop by! Yes, that photo is AWFUL!! No-one I know either thank gawd. A kiwi thing? Dunno, I guess you'll have to decide for yourself next time you're looking at pix of our Prime Minister!! :-)