Sunday, April 20, 2008

Two words to strike fear into your hearts...

School holidays. And the kids aren't happy to be going to a holiday programme - hey but its with drama, craft and dance I say weakly. I remember as a child that school holidays went on forever - making stuff and baking, endless supply of "butchers paper" for art poor mother!! The Stud and I usually take a few days off each to give the kids an idea of what holidays are like for those kids with a stay-at-home parent but can you believe it, I actually FORGOT to do that this time. I have been on autopilot with work for obviously far too long. And the wee 'uns suffer. They'll have fun tho....won't they??

Had a great sunny day here, got some gardening done. The decimated lavender better look good when it grows back. The scone-grabbers have been calling me Mrs Scissorhands after my valiant efforts to tame the stuff.
OK, am off to the couch for the weekly dose of the Seven Ages of Rock. This week its heavy metal - I'm still not convinved that's really "music".


Steve said...

Holiday programmes...? I'd've hated it as a kid but as an adult... hmm. I can see the virtues. Yes. They will have fun. Don't give it a second thought.

Anonymous said...

you forgot!!!!! hahaha so funny.

I forgot my 6 year old son on Friday. I went with him down to the ski club and he wandered off to play. I gave a private lesson for an hour and then climbed into my car and was halfway to the airport to collect Geraldine when I suddenly remembered Joe was still at the ski club. Not that he had noticed his abandonment.

Mike said...

My wife has spent the last few days working out in the garden and has them looking really nice. Of course I am not much help this year. But then again, I never really was.

As for the forgetting thing, don't feel bad. You would not believe some of the awful things we have accidentally done as parents. The worse was getting our oldest up and getting her dressed and sending her off to the bus on a day when there was no school. I still shudder when I think about that one.

The Sagittarian said...

You know when I was about 15 my dad dropped me off at a friends place while he went to do some work. By 6pm I rang home to see when he was coming to get me, only to have him answer the phone!! Yep, he had forgotten me. Thanks RB and Mike for reminding me of that one! :-)

Steve, guilt is the gift that keeps on giving eh?