Sunday, April 06, 2008

The weekend that was

I have had a great weekend. There. I've said it and no mistake.
For starters it was wonderful to be in my own scratcher for more than two nights in a row; could have done without the kids yowling at each other but there y'go - gotta take the rough with the smooth.

Friday night we had a dear friend over for dinner and I made a delicious Fruity Pork Curry (thats with figs, bananas and apricots in it OC before you get all excited!!); we had great chit chat and vino and toddled off to bed at the respectable hour of around midnight - or thereabouts. If anyone is interested in my curry recipe let me know and I'll post it. It's a bit fiddly but very delicious.

Saturday I took the Scowly Teen to the library, and yes brought her home again. I am a slow learner. However, moving right along.
Then we went and got some DVDs for the evening since there is so much doodoo on TV anyway and there was no rugby. We settled Pirates of the Caribbean at worlds end for us and the kids got Marie Antoinette. Then we had a visit from a friend who seemed a bit lost and out of sorts. So, for dinner the kids had chicken kiev (cooked by aforementioned Scowly Teen) and the grownups had Venison. And a bit more vino.

Today was a lazy start owing to daylight saving ending. Any excuse for that last 10 minutes in the scratcher. Actually, as it turned out I was the first one up and about and had a glorious half hour with no music, no TV, no kids, no Stud - just me and my cuppa tea and my book! Heaven.

Tomorrow I am away again for another few days of living it up in hotels with my bed being made for me, my meals all prepared, cooked and rpesented to me, and no dishes for me to do either. It's hell but someone has to do it. See y'all again later in the week whereby I may regale you with the excitement that is known as Travel To Invercargill and Gore - I can almost hear those banjoes.... plunkety plunk...


Steve said...

Have a good one you jet setting culinary-minded, wine expert, you!

Rol said...

I'm surprised that after watching POTC3 you had time to do anything else... that film seemed to go on forever!

Old Cheeser said...

I so love the way you name check me whenever anything remotely rude gets mentioned. I really can't imagine why.

Have a good trip!

matty said...

Your weekend sounds fab! I love going to hotels --- and the way the room is always "magically" repaired when I return from whatever I've been doing!

I'm trying to imagine how that 'fruity curry' would taste!

Mike said...

Have a good trip. I am looking forward to one or two really nice weekends in the future myself.

meggie said...

I should be so lucky to be cooked for & waited on!
That sunset was beautiful.

The Sagittarian said...

Steve, you flatter me sir!
Rol, agreed - it really did start to drag. The only thing that kept me going was the fact that there was still wine in the bottle.
OC - nah, I can't figure that out either (giggle, snigger)
Matty - the curry is actually extremely tasty! Not hot and spicy (see, OC is off again I bet!!)and it is really one of my favourite pork dishes. Will put ther ecipe up and see how adventurous y'all are.
Meggie, thanks - I am suffering a wee bit being back at home and having my own bed to make and meals to cook. That sunrise turned into a lobely Canterbury "chocolate box" day!