Monday, September 01, 2008

Murphy and his sodding law

If a child is going to get a chronic ear infection, they will do so in the late hours of the evening, certainly after medical centre hours and ALWAYS after a few glasses of wine have been imbibed by both parents.

There will be no panadol in the house or indeed the street!

It will be storm-like conditions thus rendering a walk to an after hours chemist impossible.

And the child will dodge bookshelves, shoes, and monsters in the wardrobe to get to MUMMY at 1am to complain that their ears are killing them.

And father will sleep through the bloody lot.


Steve said...

Sounds like the original ten commandments. And all true.

Anonymous said...

oh yes so true. Jack developed an ear infection last Weds - for 5 days I dosed him up with nurofen every 6 hours and paracetamol every 4, force fed him clear fluids, put up with him waking several times a night. Yesterday morning, after another bad night I decided to ring the doc. YOu have to do that before 8.30am so I did. I let him lie in and when he woke at 9am his bloody ear was fine!

Hope the ear is better soon.

Mike said...

I would love to say that that sounds familiar, but I fear that I may have slept through some critical parts of that during my own child raising days.

The Sagittarian said...

Hi guys - RB lovely to have you back! Steve, I'm sure you have had your share of walking the hallway!! Mike - surely not, surely the gin has just dimmmed your memory? Suffice to say, the antibiotics are wreaking their own havoc and the poor wee Scowly Teen is in a sorry state!! Luckily, we have had 2 fine days ina row so that killer instinct in me has disappated somewhat.

Brother Tobias said...

Typical! Statistically illnesses strike just after surgery hours at a bank holiday weekend. Earache's a misery too - somehow it's so...close to the head. (A hot water bottle wrapped in a towel is a comforter).

meggie said...

That fecking murphy sod has a lot to answer for!
Hope the ears are on the mend.