Monday, April 06, 2009


The Stud makes the world's best pickled onions. There! You heard it here first folks. As you can see, he's been busy. It's an autmn activity for him, as regular as leaves falling of the trees noless. We have dabbled with various flavours over the years, he likes the ring-burning chilli and I prefer the Namby Pamby Honey. This years experiment is with herbs.

Another give away for Autumn is of course the trees, I love this yellow one. It is in the park just 10 minutes walk from our place (ok, 20 mins if you're in heels).
I'm thinking of taking the kids there for a picnic if the weather holds this Easter weekend. I must be soft. My parents made us take picnics regardless of the weather and, I'm certain, sometimes BECAUSE of the weather.

What does Autumn mean to you, what family traditions do you have?


Steve said...

Ah. I am a BIG pickled onion fan and favour the chilli ones too. Always have a jar in the fridge for when I need a sharp shootin' savoury moment. Your pickled onions look mighty fine.

meggie said...

Seeing that tree in the park makes me homesick for Hagley Park & the Botanic Gardens.
My FIL used to make pickled onions, & they were raved about. He also made Worcestishire Sauce.
Congratulate the Stud!

The Sagittarian said...

Steve, drop by sometime and try some. My boy sure knows his onions!

Meggie - you'd love the Park at the moment, all green and red and brown and yellow - leaves everywhere, it's lovely! The Stud has been congratulated in the usual manner.

The villager: said...

It's strange to see you writing about Autumn; forgetting you live on the 'other side' of the world !

Brother Tobias said...

Having seen those, I need a pickled onion. Now. (I may be pregnant).
Autumn is a wistful season; seizing the chance for those last braais; bonfires; blackberries turning furry; wondering how yet again one never got round to painting those windows; lighting the cooker...

The Sagittarian said...

Villager - it can get confusing eh? Mind you, I will another summer precariously via the Blogosphere!

BT - see, I went and looked up braai and now I know what you mean! We're also firing up our pizza oven this weekend but I don't think we'll have pickled onion pizzas unless you ARE pregnant and decide to come along!

Anonymous said...

Ooooh I adore pickled onions. One of my fave things.

I was just thinking the other day how weird Autumn is here. Yesterday I was woken up by leaves blowing about - dry Autumn ones - and yet when I went out and about it was 34 degrees and it felt like mid-summer. But then it got dark at 6pm. So strange.

I am not a fan of Autumn in the UK because I like light and there is not enough of it about. But here because the days are so bright it has been OK so far. It also helps that I know I am going direct from Autumn to summer rather than Winter!

The Sagittarian said...

Welcome back from Ningaloo RB! Glad you didn't get lost on your way here. We've got leaves for Africa here, all rusty red, withered yellow, browns and's so pretty!

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