Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter and fine weather - yes, it is possible

Easter dawned and it was sunny! How lucky is that. Usually you're stuck somewhere way off the beaten track, quivering in the cold and wet with gale force winds and trying to hold on to your tent. But not this year. Of course, we stayed home this year. I dragged the family out for some sight seeing. This dinghy wasn't going anywhere in a hurry but it looked like it (she?) had some tales to tell nonetheless.
This is the last of some of our roses, can't recall it's name but it is beautifully scented (I refuse to have unscented flowers in my garden, I mean honestly, what's the point!?), it is growing stoically in a huge pot at the back door.

This is a view of Diamond Harbour, taken from the hills above Sumner en route to Lyttelton. This area is an old volcano but it is so pretty and the views are fantastic. Lyttelton itself is a favourite destination for family visits, it is only 15 minutes from home and has a great ice cream parlour! If you actually click on the photos you can see them even bigger.

The beach at Sumner looks deserted but most people were behind me, I was walking into the wind while everyone else was being driven out of it! The kids made sand pictures and collected shells, sticks and the odd crab shell which will sit in the bag by the front door until they decide what to do with them.
It's the first week of the school holidays and so far the weather is holding even now...must be some shite coming in winter eh?
Those of you who have to travel by car anywhere with children will know the lengths seemingly normal people go to in an effort to entertain the wee darlings. I came up with this (yes, while driving!)....

Farmer Pyjama had a lama
He also had a duck
He had some sheep with snowy white wool
And pigs that rolled in muck

Farmer Pyjama had a cow
He also had a hen
He had some geese and a parrot too
but cats?
Just now and then.
(c) AS


Steve said...

Photos and photgraphy - sounds a fabulous Easter. Over here we had spring cleaning and mold removal. Somehow I think you were the one that got it right...!

The Sagittarian said...

Hi Steve, you're up early! Ah, spring you're lucky. Its getting colder here now but it is still so pretty out and about. I think I got the wkd activities right too!

The villager: said...

Your pictures make the area look wonderful ! And what a blue sky.

The Sagittarian said...

Villager - it is a wonderful place and yes, that sky was very blue. Sadly it's been grey today!

Pixie said...

e, can I drive someplace with you and make pomes to make us laugh. very nice....A++

The Sagittarian said...

Pixie - you're more than welcome! Do you think we'd make it past the first pub...and do we have to take the kids with us?

The Poet Laura-eate said...

Yes cats are hard to milk and cat milk an acquired taste. I can see why Farmer Pyjama only dabbled in cats from time to time.

Great piccies Sagittarian. I was getting sunburned on Brighton beach on Easter Monday, which was also a novel experience!

VioletSky said...

New Zealand has the best ice cream, hands down.

The Sagittarian said...

Poet - haha! I guess I meant that cats decide when they visit but I like your comments very much. Yes, we're lucky here to have such wonderful scenery. Its a good place to come if you need R and R?

Violet - ah thank you! There is an "Ice cream Charlie" van down the road from my office and they certainly have great ice cream, even in winter I can't help myself.

meggie said...

Ah! How clever are you, with your verse for children?!

Lyttleton Hills hold dead ancestors of my husband. I used to look at the graves, & think about how their essence had long ago leached down into the harbour. I am sick like that!

The Sagittarian said...

Meggie - You're not sick at all, I can understand what you mean. When we lived on the West Coast we went on a school trip to the old Stafford Cemetary and I looked at the unkempt graves and thought the same thing. Now, if only I could bake cakes as well as you do!