Thursday, April 02, 2009

The last gasp of summer

I made this salad with the almost-last of our tomatoes. They were late this year but welcome none-the-less and tasted fantastic. I have almost finished darting about the country and it is a welcome treat indeed for home cooked meals, even better with home grown ingredients!

Now the winter vege can do their thing and I have my eye on a rather nicely maturing pumpkin for soup (I roast the pumpkin first then do the soupy's wonderful) and there is the usual silver beets, potatoes. We even have a few roses in bloom.

It sure is good to be home.


Steve said...

Wow. Excellent salad and excellent photograph of the salad. It looks highly professional. Like something out of a glossy cookbook. Gordon Ramsay eat your heart out!

The Sagittarian said...

aw thanks Steve! I actually have made up a cocktail called Gordon Ramsay...we had to make one up for the cocktail mixology course I did a couple of years ago.

Brother Tobias said...

I want those tomatoes. I want that salad. I even want the bowl. Roll on braai time!

Liked the Finn Bros. You have some good bands out there.

Violet said...

Welcome home - to a host of fun chores. Pumpkin soup is a favourite of mine, though I've never tried roasting it first.

The villager: said...

That salad looks absolutely gorgeous !

meggie said...

OMG the love of this music is just visceral... part of being a Kiwi??

Your salad looks bloody good too..

The Sagittarian said...

Brother T - thanks! I must now go and look up what "braai" is!

Violet - hi ya. I reckon roasting the pumpkin first makes for a deeper taste.

Villager - thanks very much! All home grown in our backyard.

Meggie - yeah, those Finn boys are great. Liam Finn is Neil's son and I will post some of his stuff soon too.