Friday, January 28, 2011

Good Bad Guys

I have been thinking, during my last week on holiday, that I should bore you all with my idea of good bad guys. You know, the guys that we love and hate. That pain us and make us shudder with excitement in the same sentence, or evil glance. The "yes but would you be ok if your daughter brought him home" kind of guy. So, in no particular order, really....

Leslie Grantham.
OK, so he has a checkered past - what bad guy hasn't? He was briliant as Dirty Den, the first time round anyway. I wasn't too fussed on him being brought back from the dead in East Enders and felt he didn't really deliver the second time round but who knows, maybe I had grown out of Dirty Den by then. I did think it was great that he was felled by a dog shaped thing in the end, classic.

He went on to other things of course, and I still rate him as an actor. But he's not son-in-law material, is he.

Sean Bean.

Ah delicious Mr Bean, without the dumb humour of the OTHER Mr Bean. Not that the OTHER Mr bean isn't a great actor, just for the purposes of this exercise he hasn't got a lot going on.

I didn't like Sean baby in Sharpe, even tho' some sites claim that is where he got 'sex symbol' status. He just never did it for me, he seemed gawky and out of sorts.I saw him in some movie as a bank robber and that was when I thought, hmmmmmmmmmm - noice! And thats not the thoughts I would be wanting about a son-in-law!

Michael Hutchence.

Ok. slight deviation (in more ways than one) from the actor side of things but this boy was from our side of town down here. AND he was naughty, very naughty and we like that. But probably not as a son-in-law.

Ray Winstone.

yes, I have gotten into trouble before by stating that I thought Ray is sexy. And I still think that.Even tho' this might be an old photo.

He played a baddie in a mini series I saw a couple of years ago but he really had me hooked several movies ago and certainly for Henry VIII. However, I'm not convinced he's son-in-law material.

So, I could go on but you've probably already started snoring. If you haven't,  who would you think twice about if your daughter/son brought them home?


Steve said...

If my son came home with Ray Winstone I'd say, "Can I get you anything, Mr Winstone. Anything at all..."

Rol said...

If Steve's son came home with Ray Winstone, I'd breathe a sigh of relief. As long as he doesn't come anywhere near my house with his one-note, cliched, Cockney geezer performances, I'll stay happy.

...louciao... said...

Whatever the cat drags in, as loving mums we've got to put up with it until the little vixen comes to her senses. Been there, done that--a few times!

On a personal note, these days I'm more inclined to lust after a guy with a big fat pension.

wv: bumble
We'll just have to bumble along until our girls bag the man our our dreams for them.

ρομπερτ said...

Have to admit that I don't know one of them. Reminded me of a day when parents asked me to sit on their couch and answer questions about me; othertimes parents would not permitt her daughter seeing me anymore ... can't wait for me son to bring his girl home, in about eleven years ;) Please have a good weekend you all.

Stickup Artist said...

I'm laughing. I think all we women all go thru that phase, then after a taste, try to save others from sampling (to no avail). I have to admit, I have a soft spot for rebellious trouble makers!

The Poet Laura-eate said...

Since I prefer gentlemen, I'll hang on to Gregory Peck! ;-)

Phil said...

Well I don’t watch the soaps but ‘Dirty Den’ did time for shooting someone in real life. Sean Bean has been in trouble with the law on a few occasions’ for violence towards his various partners and is definitely a bit odd in a nervy, dark, uncomfortable with himself sort of way, when he does the odd interview. Mr Hutchence I hardly know, although I liked some of his music, but as he died many years ago, I suppose I’d have something to say if my daughter dragged him home one night.

So that leaves Ray Baby, who was born just up the road from me, so we’d have something in common – although I think I might follow Steve’s funny line above, ie; firm handshake and keep my tongue inside my mouth, if he kisses me instead.

P.s. – Acting wise – he was good in a very stylish film called ‘Ripley’s Game’ set in north east Italy and meant to be a sequel to the original ‘Talented Mr Ripley’. It’s a gritty, visually stylish thriller and in my view well worth a watch. John Malkovich is brilliant as the cold and dastardly ‘Ripley’.