Friday, January 07, 2011


Well, I call them miracles...nature is amazing, and even though we have had over 4,000 aftershocks since 4 September she can still surprise me! For example, this tree stump with it's 'limpet-like' lichen, amazing how the stuff can grow and keep growing!

and raindrops on roses (forget about kittens with mittens or brown paper packages tied up with string...)

my most loved miracle is this beautiful quilt made for me by my dear friend Pixie and delivered in person, as a right birthday treat it was too and I love it dearly. This is one of the most wonderful things anyone has ever done for me and I appreciate more than I can tell you. And yes, that is us two under the quilt, can you guess which one is me?


ρομπερτ said...

See, only what can be dreamed of, is possible to become a reality.

I'd say you sit on the left side. May you all have a wonderful Friday.

Owen said...

Who was that masked rose ?

Killer song, hadn't heard that in a long time...

So, what were you hiding under the quilt there ??? A few bottles I'll bet, Bruce Springsteen, tubs of caviar...

Stickup Artist said...

I couldn't agree with you more about the miracles. I can't understand how anyone can ignore or take for granted this planet. It's so cool to meet others who feel the same. I love the lichen image. It would seem an insignificant thing to many people. And that is the biggest quilt I've ever seen. It looks like a waterfall cascading right out of the frame. You have a wonderful friend who really loves you! I'm guessing you are on the left only because it is said here that "blondes have more fun!"

Steve said...

4000 aftershocks?! Blimey!

That is one beautiful quilt.

Barry Coidan said...

A quilt to make you wilt with the shock its beauty.

...louciao... said...

Beautifully observed and recorded miracles, Saj. And is there anything as miraculous as two souls bonded in friendship? The quilt, in your favourite colour, obviously made with great love, is a miraculous testament to such a friendship. Lucky (deserving) woman that you are!

Pixie said...

love love love
and love to the comment makers too.

The Sagittarian said...

Robert- yep, I'm on the left!

Owen-as for what's hiding under the quilt there's plenty of room for all sorts but I can tell you that Jackson has missed his chance!

StickUp-yeah, most of the time blondes have more fun (ior perhaps they just think they do?) either way, I'm on the left. That quilt is such a treasure, I may well insist on ebing wrapped in it for my final adventure!!

Steve-4,249 I think...had another this evening! I lOVE the quilt, can you tell?? :-)

Barry - oh yes and it's very snuggly too.

Louciao- I'm sure there is room under my quilt for my cyber-siblings...just don't spill any wine on it!! (Lucky it's red eh, red wine will be ok - not that I condone spilling!!)

Pixie - looks like we might be having a party under that quilt! Love ya.xx

The Poet Laura-eate said...

What am amazing quilt! And what beautiful flowers.

Good that (some) life goes on despite all the seismic shocks.