Saturday, August 18, 2007

Don't you love birthdays? yeah, well maybe if you didnt have about 25 of them in one month. What is it about August, oh yes that's right...must have been a wet November. So to speak. (Blush, I am really the shy and bashful type).
Have just got home from celebrating a mates 49th birthday (say it fast and it doesn't hurt). What fun. Our rugby team won (Canterbury beat Wellington 43-21 for those in the know) and it hasn't rained for about 6 hours. Fun indeed.

Thought I would show off a bit of Christchurch...the pic on the left is of a sculpture in our town square, the other I took during the Chinese lantern festival earlier this year...the punter just snuck outta the shadows (Soprano style) as I took the picture. My photographer mate tells me I could have added the Monet effects after the pic had been taken except it was there "au naturelle". Lucky me, or as my Engrish teacher would say "You lazy" (yep, she mitta bin Chinese). Anyway, am going to take the gals swimming tomorrow, its the best way I know how to get an hours uninterrupted reading. And I have been to the library and got 3 books out. I am going to read myself into a stupor for the next few weeks. Starting with Mil Millington's "Love and other near death experiences".


Steve said...

Love the big silver ice cream cornet! Wonderful!

Enjoy your reading - I'm currently ploughing through a Robin Hobb's latest trilogy... superb.

Old Cheeser said...

Yes that's such an unusual looking piece of architecture! The nearest English equivalent I can think of is our "Gherkin" in London/

The Sagittarian said...

Thanks, chaps. yes, there was a bit of a "to do" about the sculpture but I guess all the subsequent weird ones that have popped up round the city have made this one look almost normal! There was a huge furore 9love that word) when a couple of bronze corgis arrived outside a local video store, one of them eating a dropped ice cream...that was to mark the Queen's birthday or coronation anniversary or something. geroge Bush thinks he's got problems!