Thursday, August 30, 2007

I love this wee place! Looks like Stuart Little's house in the movie..this is actually a bar in Wellington, sandwiched between all the high-rises it has a character all of its own.

I have returned from Dannevirke. Intact. I had an adventure because I got lost (due entirely to the directions I was given by the Avis Rental car chap at the Palmerston North airport), and it took me ages to get there. I should have known really, it all started when the plane was delayed "because of operatonal requirements" (translation = we haven't got a captain to fly the plane but we will get one), then when i got to Palmserton North the Avis counter was unattended as by now it was after hours. THEN I got lost, and it was dark, get the picture.

However, I then had a very creepy encounter at the takeaway place I chose..yes, the fact that it was called Bollywood Stars and the guy behind the counter had one of those porno-moustaches should have alerted me but I was tired and hungry (shades of Goldie Locks, I hear you mutter). I managed to escape with my Butter Chicken into the crazy-rain night.

The next few days I spent doing a safety audit at one of the meat processing plants. Very tidy place too considering. I had a good time and my meal that night was a place called The Black Stump Cafe. I had the Anguspure steak (blue). Seemed a shame not to.


Steve said...
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Steve said...

Hey Amanda,

No journey is complete without a close encounter with a porno-moustache! I've been trying to grow one for years but it just keeps drooping...

Nice to see you back safe and sound!

Old Cheeser said...

Wow that's a long way to travel

The porno-moustache guy sounds hilarious.

Loving the tacky windmill, kind of looks like a poor man's Mouline Rouge.

The Sagittarian said...

Geez, Cheeser, if I ahd a choice about where I went believe me, I waould take it!
Yep, it was a dodgy place. Mind you, very middle-class anywhere New Zealand.
I want you and your hubby to call in if you are ever witihn a bulls roar of Christchurch New Zealand!

Old Cheeser said...

Would love to visit NZ, Amanda! And to drop by would be great! I have never visited your neck of the woods...a long, long way from here of course. The furthest I have travelled across the globe is Brazil and that's only half way to you!

I would like to see NZ though. An ex of mine comes from Wellington and was always singing its praises and a friend of mine went travelling there recently and showed me some amazing photos. I know the scenery is breathtaking. One day eh?