Monday, August 13, 2007

When I wake up in the morning, my "baby" will be years old.

She is so excited I have almost forgetten how sick I was 10 years ago, how scared I was that we would both die, that maybe her dad wouldn't get to us both in time. Thank gawd for modern times eh?

We all made it.

Am listening to Bob Dylan, his "Modern Times" album and its stirrin stuff. Maybe "gulping" stuff but I have cheap red wine and one shouldnt gulp that!!

I have returned from the 'naki. Went toHawera and had a peek at the meat processing plant here plus the HUGE Fonterra dairy plant. the scariest thing was climbing the Water Tower. Honestly, I really thought that I had got over my "thing" about heights. No. I do have pix of me clinging to the Towers' innards but they ain't for publication. get your thrills elsewhere. I am sure I don't look that terified anyway. No. I don't. Not at all.
Next week.....

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