Thursday, March 13, 2008


I feel a bit like this today - all grey and washed up. Not sure what's going on really. I am at home with 2 sick kids which could account for it, and it is raining and getting cold. I have a library book which I can get into but can't settle to it. There have been a lot of changes going on round here, eldest off to High School, lots of trips for work, never-ending projects round the house....maybe I need a "me" day. Don't get me wrong, I love my family but am starting to feel like there aren't enough hours in the day to tack on a bit of what I want to do in it!! A full time (paid) working mum sounds so easy doesn't it? The fatigue has really hit me this week, maybe I need a holiday somewhere exotic. Maybe.
This is a flower from our garden. It is well rested and appears very happy.
What do you do when you feel a bit blah??


Girl Vino said...

I often get like that and at times wonder why I don't put more into myself. But ah well, what do us mothers do? You can't stop being a mother, so your job is a constant. I had a mental health day last week just because... I.Couldn't. Do. It. Any. More. Take a 'me' day sweets!

The Poet Laura-eate said...

Oh dear I've just added to your workload by tagging you Amanda!

But perhaps thinking about your favourite things will prove good & cheap therapy!

I do hope you've taught those kids to tidy their rooms and help you out though (when they're not being ill of course!). So many parents in UK don't seem to teach their kids anything about chores whatsoever nowadays, but they are doing them a disservice when that child grows up to be completely hopeless at looking after themselves and scared of any kind of responsibility, aside from making life hard for themselves by then having to wait on their kids hand and foot.

Pixie said...

I make plans to visit you baby! or I invite 12 people round for dinner. or I play loud music and dance around the house. or I amuse myself by tormenting the children, dear Laura-eate the poet, come over here and sort my boys out will you?

Old Cheeser said...

Sorry you're feeling glum m'dear. I can understand you feeling that you need some time out for yourself, what with all the other responsibilities you have to deal with! A "me" day is definitely in order!

If I feel blah, I do lots of "pampering" myself type activities ... plan a trip somewhere nice (doesn't have to be expensive). Some retail therapy. Watch a favourite film. Go for a massage or to a spa...something like that?

Rol said...

"What do you do when you feel a bit blah??"


Steve said...

A holiday is definitely on the cards. methinks. Fancy a house swap for a week? - you can bask in the glamour of the UK in mid March and I'll wallow in the grey skies of NZ... fair exchange is no robbery! ;-)

meggie said...

Sorry you are feeling blah.
Go to the Botanic Gardens for a stroll among the wonderful trees. Or sit by the river for a picnic.

Meet a friend for a slap up lunch.
A Pedicure?

The Sagittarian said...

Thanks everyone, I have hauled myself up and tied myself together with abit of bravado and am now keen to get some blogging done. Have been tagged so will get my thnking cap on...its pointy with bells!

Mike said...

I get like that all the time and honestly, I've never found anything that gets me out of it. It's much worse for me in the winter when it is too cold to get out and do things.

I think it just takes time.