Sunday, March 02, 2008

Ode to the Pants

Tightie jeans
Shirt open to the waist.
Three day growth.
He says "If you were my drink, what would you be?"
She thinks long and hard, and replies "LONG AGO AND FAR AWAY".


Mike said...

Probably not "long ago and far away" enough!

Anonymous said...

dear me.

Def wouldn't be screaming orgasm or sex on the beach anyway.

Oh and ski-ing is a lot of fun and muscle ache is a GOOD thing! It shows that you have some.

Looks like you had good holidays.

meggie said...

More like the CS Cowboy!
Sydney has just had the Gay Mardi Gras. He would have been at home.

Thanks for all those photos too, making me homesick!

Steve said...

Let's pray his shoe laces never come undone...

The Poet Laura-eate said...


He ought to be arrested for public indecency.

Public health hazard at least (thinking of all the drivers crashing gawking to believe their eyes)

The Sagittarian said...

Steve, you "crack me up"...Mike I agree, dunno who let the chap out in public!!
RB - the funny thing is that I was actually working! I know, how lucky am I?!!

Meggie - we saw bits of the Mardi Gras on the idiot box (as my dad used to say); if you get homesick enough to visit, let me know!

Poet - def a hazard, and all that hair...ew. Remind me never to go cruising the 'net again!!