Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Time flashing by

This was a brand new car once, she was 'born" in 1961 according to her papers. A few birthday's ago, I had a nostalgic moment and fell in love with this Morris. Here she is parked up in our driveway on yet another sparkling Canterbury day. She is a good ol' gal. I love her huge steering wheel and the fact that I have to have the drivers seat up on blocks to be able to reach the pedals to driver her (yep, am slightly vertically challenged apparently) and that I can drive to the airport and back before the heater kicks in!! In winter this is a problem. Trust me.
Isn't she grand?

And as if I don't feel old enough knowing that I learned to drive in a Morris Minor owned by my mum (it was a 1959 model apparently...), when I wake up in the morning I will be the mum of a teenager. Tonight I don't feel that old but, according to others who have gone before me kicking and shrieking into their offsprings teenage years, I soon will. The same people told me that the Terrible two's should be approached with caution...I took the "Terrific Two's" approach and feel like I won that round. There is a chance that I'll have the "tough and ruthless" approach to the teens, then again maybe I mean rough and toothless?? Always get those mixed up.
Whatever (see, I have already learnt a teeny word). I am up for the challenge. bring it on (see, even got the teeny movies sorted! Mwahahahaha)


Anonymous said...

Oh Wow. I've had a rethink. Stuff that crazy idea I had of marrying your brother, I want to marry you. Although rough and toothless doesn't make you sound very sexy, I must say.

But that car is SO beautiful. It's even more sexy than Keeley Hawes, even lovelier than Penelope Cruz. I am in love!!

meggie said...

I do admire your car! NZ is the place to see ahem, 'older' cars, which have been kept alive & well!
My son owns a 1962 Valiant- it is as old as my eldest son!
I used to own a Morris too.

The teenage years were not our worst! Mind you, I think luck plays a part.

Mike said...

I love that car and I love "old" cars in general.

But more beautiful than Penelope Cruz? I don't know about that.

I wish I was the parent of teenagers again. It would be a huge improvement over being the parent of full grown kids.

Actually, no I don't wish I was the parent of teenagers again. That was horrible.

Rol Hirst said...

Does it have wooden doors on the back? When I was a child, I used to object to any car that was made out of wood. Now though, I find it quite endearing.

The Sagittarian said...

Haha, RB - sorry, already taken but happy to take you for a drive if you get this far! :-)

Meggie- thanks, I have to say I have felt rather "tested" the past 24 hours and am worried about the rest of the year!!

Mike - I'd offer to swap ya, but have a stepson in jail and am well aware of the "if only's"!!

Rol - nope, no wood panels, mind you when I saw "Meet the Feebles" I did think about it!! Kinda old butchery delivery van stuff, nostalgia. Gotta love it.

The Poet Laura-eate said...

Apparently it's exceptionally green to drive a vintage car as the world has long ago absorbed the carbon footprint of its making, they require recycled parts to fix and they employ far less functionality such as air con and working heaters... thus requiring less fuel.

Lovely piccies - I don't blame you for falling for it.