Sunday, March 02, 2008

Still up North...

This is the Treaty House I mentioned below. It is basically ahouse-within-a-house. The outer facade encloses remnants of the older original cottage, very cleverly renovated and wonderful to be inside.
This is the war canoe (waka) which is rowed about and ashore on Waitangi Day, symbolically.
These are carved wood panels inside the treaty Marae, very cleverly done and would have taken hours of patience to complete.
This fern reminded me of a curled up monkey!
On the way home from Dargaville, instead of flying out of Whangarei we drove to Auckland and I got a direct flight. It was great because it meant I got home 2 hours earlier than I had planned! Those "mainlanders' amongst you will know what a relief that would be!

I have been reading a book, a wonderful Kiwi writer named Frankie McMillan. My mum bought me "The Bag Lady's Picnic" for Christmas a year or three ago and I love it. A collection of short stories, it is the type of book that easily lends itself to re-reading, and I can imagine a few vignette's as well.

Right, battle donw with going to treat myself to a Vino.


Steve said...

It all looks so beautiful! Coming to your blog is like taking a mini holiday! ;-)

The Sagittarian said...

Hey Steve, thanks very much! I do try not to be boring and am happy to show off our country (in its best light of course!!).