Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Dumb things I have heard today

"This toilet seat has a crack in it" Well, d'oh!

(While trying to open a door, with both hands full of files) "Do you need help with that door?"

"Oh its cold in here, are the heaters on?"

Is it national stupid day or am I just a grumpy old tart today?
Now, and possibly as an answer to that last question, I have just remembered that I was going to post a Tuesday Tipple (are you off that wagon yet, RB?)....if you take 1 ounce of vodka, 2 tsp light rum (Bacardi), 2 tsp lemon juice and 1 tsp grenadine and shake it all together with ice, then strain it into a champagne glass you have got yourself a GRAND DUCHESS. Salut!


Anonymous said...

Oh yes, I'm most definitely off the wagon although I daren't drink anything much at the moment as I have some weird sleeping sickness bug and by 9pm I am flat out on the sofa. I don't have the energy to lift my glass - how sad is that!!? But I will try it at the weekend when Geraldine is here - if nothing else she can lift my glass for me!

Steve said...

No, you're not a grumpy old tart, people really are that stupid. I'll gladly swap you some of ours for some of yours!

Mike said...

Stupid day? Be thankful you don't live in America. Stupid Day has lasted almost 8 years for us.

meggie said...

I can no longer drink vodka, after one memorable tangle with the evil substance, many years ago. I thought I would never recover, & even the smell brings the memory rushing back!

matty said...

Oh, people say the most stupid things. Just yesterday -- while leaning against a pole smoking a ciggie --- a man looked at me and said, "Hey! You're wearing sandals!"

...Um, ok.

I wish I could drink, but I can't. I figure that is just as well.

The Sagittarian said...

RB - hope you're feeling better soon! The last time I felt that way was when I was pregnant with the Scowly Teen.

Steve - haha, are you sure about that?

Mike - You win!!

Meggie - I know what you mean, I was like that with Bacardi for yonks. Seem to have gotten over it now tho!

Matty - yeah, nothing like people stating the obvious really. Sandals? Oh you must have nice warm weather, unless you're got ten pairs of wooly sox on as well (and let's hope you don't)

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm definitely NOT pregnant. Funny though - when people mention headlice I start scratching and when people say something is a sure sign of pregnancy I begin to feel nauseous (I vomited my way through all four of mine). But it ain't possible. Although it did happen to Mary, didn't it?