Sunday, May 04, 2008


Ah, my favourite tea cup. My older brother bought this for me for my 16th birthday - quite a few teas ago! It is the best cup ever. I can't believe how well it has travelled over the years, considering the number of times I have shifted it is amazing it hasnb't been broken before now. I love it. And the tea tastes the best from it.
I collect teapots. There. I've said it. I collect teapots. Some gather dust and others, like this one, get to see the light of day almost every Sunday.
My 10 year old insisted on me buying these shoes - Dr Who Shoes she tells me. As for me, they are very much like the "bata bullets" I used to wear aged about 12.
A style statement (or argument perhaps) at the recent Armageddon Expo. My 10 year old (Shoes as above) was very disappointed with the Dr Who corner, she claimed she could have done better and I honestly don't doubt it. If any of you know how to contact the Good Dr, please let him know he has an ardent fan down here.
And her mother ain't all that bad either.
I had a weak moment at an album shop recently - splashed out and bought a Trini Lopez album for $5.00. Ah, the smell of nostalgia. You can all count yourselves lucky I haven't worked out how to post YouTube stuff on here yet!!


Old Cheeser said...

Your daughter has great taste, Amanda (both in shoes and her TV viewing). Yeah David Tennant has made Converse trainers cool again!

Steve said...

Looking forward to seeing you kick Donna Noble out of the Tardis very soon!

Mike said...

I have a favorite coffee cup. I haven't had it very long, but I cherish it so I understand how you feel.

matty said...

That's an AWESOME pair of shoes! ...and an even cooler tea mug!

I have a Mickey Rourke tea mug from which I drink all my tea! ...but, I'm not sure it makes the tea taste better. It might actually have a negative taste on my tea. ...but, it is Mickey Rourke circa 1984 so I don't mind!

The Sagittarian said...

Thanks, Simon - we think she's rather special!

Steve, not sure poor ol DT would know where to start!

Mike - yeah, a good cup is hard to find (unless its a D in which case thats another post...)

Matty - ooooh I had such a thing for Mickey Rourke (well, before he became poster-child for the michellan man anyway); but yeah its odd how tea tastes better when its from "one's" favourite cup (like that touch of royalty there?) Am glad you are out and about - read your blog today and your tea sounded interesting in more ways than one!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah cool shoes.

I can drink again!! Hurray. Typical though that I come here and for the first time in ages you are talking about tea and not a mention of booze at all.

I had a beer at lunchtime (shush - don't tell anyone, as I am meant to be working!) It tasted divine.

meggie said...

I love that teapot!! I have a couple, but decided that seeing I don't drink tea, I don't need to collect them! Still find them attractive though.

Thankyou for your kind words & thoughts. xx

The Poet Laura-eate said...

An excellent-sized mug and entirely apt for me too, being a fellow horses' arse! ;-)

lucyfishwife said...

Converse All Stars are far and away the coolest footwear on the planet (and indeed, many others) and I enjoy them on a daily basis. Even as we speak I am wearing a pair so old and skanky they should have been binned months ago but I love them too much.

The Sagittarian said...

RB - well, how about that!! I am considering posting a Tuesday Tipple from now on anyway, what do you think?

Meggie - I have quite a few teapots and years ago had the opinion that a teapot is a teapot. Not anymore. The secret to the best teapot? A well positioned spout. Indeed.

Poet - haha, you said "arse" !! :-)

LFW - I reckon I'll have to chip them off my kids feet, she almost sleeps in them!

Rol said...

That's a cool teapot. Louise would love one like that... though it's a little far to travel to buy her a teapot.

Anonymous said...

Oooh yes, Tuesday Tipple sounds a fine idea.

matty said...

I wish that they made honey with glitter in it. ...Glitter honey. I would add that to my tea.

It would make whatever might be going on in my parking lot seem a bit more happy.

(you don't want to know what I saw last night! I can't even find a way to blog about it!)

...time to really move and get out of the ghetto fabulous!

The Sagittarian said...

Matty, there is a drink here that is a honey mead and they have gold flakes in it - yes, you drink the lot! But not in one go, that would be un-sensible as it is alcoholic!!

Rol, you'd be welcome if you change your mind! I'll post some more pix of my other tea pots just to bore the crap outta y'all.

RB - might not even last until Tuesday. I'm off out with some gal pals tonight for some bubbly...