Friday, May 23, 2008

Make my Day

I wouldn't mess with this pup.

The Scowly Teen has a work day for raising funds for the school today. Haha, she is working at the Day Care Centre she used to attend as a georgeous wee cherub. When I left her this morning I think she was thinking of running after me, clutching my leg and begging me not to leave her there - why? Her first task was to dry some dishes! I smirked my way to the car feeling 6ft tall and bullet proof!

The weather is now cold - laugh all you want. We have semi-naked trees in the back yard and a red/gold carpet of leaves from here to next week. It does look beautiful but the Limping Cat has a bit of bother hopping her way through it all. Not much of an improvement with Daisy unfortunately and I sense a bigger Vet bill coming soon. The Stud maintains a bullet would be cheaper. Yeah fine, let him explain that one to the kids.

Our Government delivered their budget over night. I still haven't quite worked out the logic behind giving those in the HIGH earning bracket a huge tax cut compared to those in the lower. Perhaps they are scared that those on $20,000 a year or less will just squander their money on frivilous things like food and clothing for their kids - best to give them $14 per week more and let those on $80,000 or more have an extra $50 odd eh? Yeah, right.


Steve said...

Are your government and my government sleeping together? Or just peering over each other's shoulders and copying whatever the other one writes down?

meggie said...

My brother has so much 'going on' in his domestic scene, he has not even mentioned the Budget!
Gom & Son watched the Rugby on TV at the Club last night, & Gom thought it didn't look too cold in Chch. He said there was no steam coming off the players!!

The Sagittarian said...

Steve - I know, isn't it crazy? They seem to forget how they got into parliament.

Meggie - You know GOM is almost correct - it had been a crappy cold day and then about 6pm it actually warmed up! We went to a friends place to watch the game and it was warm to and from the car. We're actually going to the game this weekend - CRUSADERS!!

Mike said...

I thought giving the rich a tax break was only an American thing. I guess we are not the only nuts in the world.

The Sagittarian said...

Mike, if only!

Anonymous said...

The rich always seem to get away with these things.

My son is on a ski race camp this week and when I dropped him off and said I was taking the other two to the cafe to get a cake and a drink he had the gall to say "that's not fair, you never buy me anything." Ungrateful little oik - does he think the race camp is free? Plus I'd already handed him a quid to squander on rubbish from the vending machines.

Ooops - moan over!!! Too early for a drink sadly!

matty said...

Maybe we all have the same government now?!?!?

That is awesome about your daughter!

Is that my Little Bagel with a gun?!?! I tell you, she gets into such trouble these days anymore!

I'm glad you didn't listen to The Stud on that one!

The Sagittarian said...

RB - its never too early for a drink!

Matty - Some days it is very hard to listen to The Stud at all!