Monday, May 19, 2008

Here kitty kitty

What is it about having a few extra rubles in the bank that makes something happen? Something designed to wrestle those extra few pesos from aforementioned bank account?

Cue - Saturday morning. OK, I did have a teensy hangover (Bubbly I have found your Sting) but did I really need to see our wee moggy Daisy LIMPING up the drive 3 hours late for breakfast? Now, on any other day I could understand her lateness - why rush for reconstituted horses arse - but this day, being Saturday she is usually without fail hanging about with the other two furlined freeloders yowling at the door. It is MY day for being late up y'see, not hers.

This day I was heading off for some retail therapy with the Scowly Teen, and there limped up Daisy. Granted, she is very cute. However, cute didn't cut it with the after hours vet. Money cut it with the after hours vet. If Daisy had arrived home a half hour sooner our own vet would have been available. So far, all we have had to stump up for has been the consult, the pain medication and the antibitotics....Xray pending, but waiting to see how she goes for this week. Apparently, cats are very good hypochondriacs. She clearly has some nasty bruising to her leg (do cats have knees? The vet called it her knee but I remain to be convinced on this one).

Then, as if the cats fleecing behaviour was an omen, our beloved thugby team let us down badly - they should have all rung in sick, played like they all had tits for hands.

Maybe next week will be all beer and skittles eh? Must be Monday.


Mike said...

Tits for hands? Now that got may attention.

My cat seems to be pretty tough and manages to shrug off most stuff. My dog, on the other hand, is spoiled rotten and will make the most out of even a minor injury.

Steve said...

Ditto above. If they had tits for hands I'd watch far more rugby. I'd also make a point of meeting every rugby player the world over just to shake his hand.

Glad to hear moggy is recovering. Must have been kicked in the shin by a angry sparrow. Or he pounced on a rugby player's tit.

The Sagittarian said...

Mike, you are so easy to please!! Or maybe just easy? I always get those mixed up.

Steve, I hadn't thought of that handshaking thing - clever clogs!

Cat still limping, I suspect a broken bone somewhere and as the wee critters have so many bones...ah well, will see what happens.

lucyfishwife said...

I have a hypochondriac cat and a permanent invalid. Mind you we took the hypochondriac to the vet because she was limping (turned out to be attention-getting, not an ailment) and he was vigorously twisting her paw and trying to persuade us to stump up for another £150 x-ray, and he uttered the immortal words "Of course cats won't let you know they're in pain". I laughed out loud. Tell that to a cat owner who's tried to unsnag a claw from their jumper in a blizzard of hissing and flailing fur.

The Sagittarian said...

LFW, I know what you mean! The weird thing is that the actually loves the tablets she's on, literally snatches them out of my hand to get at them. Certainly makes it easy for me, its not exactly easy getting a "normal" cat to swallow a pill!

meggie said...

I remember those vets fees in Christchurch! Even all those years ago, they were pretty steep.
At least our vets here dont call Saturday 'after hours' nor even Sundays! Hope Daisy is ok!

The Poet Laura-eate said...

If bees have knees, I'm sure cats do!

Poor you - I do hope Daisy's getting better quickly!