Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Look what I found

I took my youngest scone grabber for a drive on Sunday. It was cold and grey and as we were waiting at the traffic lights we saw these birds...probably waiting for something to crap on!
However, since it has been so manky weather-wise here, we carried on to a cemetary near to where I work and no, I don't work at a hospital and this is not where doctors leave their mistakes!
This is one of the older cemetaries in Christchurch, it has actually been spilt in half by a motor way which runs through it. We found a few delapidated graves but this one took my can see it has been raining here for what feels like forever! I also found a grave belonging to a guy who used to be in our Parliament but more on that later.....


Steve said...

A grave with a water feature? That's not a bad idea. I quite fancy having a few ducks and geese swimming around above me when I've bitten the dust... not that the view will be all that great for me...

VioletSky said...

It does look rather wet and miserable where you are! I'm not sure I'd have braved walking on that soft, muddy earth in a cemetary....

Selina Kingston said...

Oh no! I don't like it when I see birds hanging around like that. it reminds me of that film "The Birds" which completely freaked me out, let me tell you !!

The villager: said...

Great shots !

I can empathize regarding the weather Sag. as we're no strangers to such wet stuff in England; though it has been unusually warm here recently.

louciao said...

I really like your bird shot...and your comment about them. Good thing they didn't take shot at you.

The Sagittarian said...

Steve - well, quite right! There were a few sparrows bathing in other gravey (??) waters as well.

Violet - my daughter was a bit worried about sinking in too far!

Selina - You know I never quite got to grips with that film, I don't think I ever understood why they all went weird like that.

Villager - thanks, I shouldn't erally grizzle about the weather cos in a few months time I'll be boring the heck outta you all with how hot it is!

Louciao - haha, I suspect if I had just finished washing the car they would have made sure they dumped on me!!

A Write Blog said...

How lovely.

Are those birds waiting to slide down that curvy bit?

A kind of bird queue.

Brilliant shot that allows all sorts of images.

A Write Blog said...

I keep coming back to look at those birds.

You could create a dialogue for them;

'Why do I - coo - have to be - coo first?'

'Oh, stop - coo - whinging - and just do it'

'But I might - coo - fall'

From further back;

'Just flap yer bloody - COO COO -wings ya daft bird brain'

Oh dear, I think I'm going ga ga.

They are pigeons aren't they?

Reluctant Blogger said...

laughing at A Write Blog!

That is some puddle though! Very impressive.

I love graveyards. I have one behind my garden. Every morning I throw open the curtains at the back of the house and say hello to the dead people. It is very life-affirming.

There is a tour to our graveyard with stories about some of the graves - I have done it several times cos it is so fascinating. I like to get to know my neighbours!

Margaret Pangert said...

quite an ancient cemetery--very elegant headstones. I love what the husband wrote about Lucy. He used his own words and then quoted from the Bible wihch made the inscription seamless. We use that line in our church, too, and I love it: "I have called you by name." The cemetery seems to be well-maintained (except for the flooding). Love the birds on parade! complete with a sentinel! I recommended your blog to an English blogger, frikosmusings. I told her about the Yellow Bird!

The Sagittarian said...

AWB - yes, those birds were amazing. I drive past that particular set of lights quite regularly and haven't seen as many there since I took that photo. They're seagulls. They do look like they're lined up for something, don't they!

RB - good for you, "Life affirming" I like that! Oddly, my youngest daughter also likes graveyards. And yes, you should always be on good terms with your neighbours.

Margaret - Yes, I liked the lines on the headstone. I like the old ones so much better than the modern ones, more heartfelt I guess. It is really an old cemetary tho' and could do with a bit of TLC. My wee one, bless her, said she was going to ask her classmates at school to go with her at weekends to keep it looking nice! Very sweet, but this is the same child who asked me if the world was in black and white when I was younger!!

Owen said...

There are definitely some very funny bird brains out there... hmmm... of avian or sapiens variety ???

So, you are the fast lady with a long mane and no pride who was LSHSAMPHP... what a picture.

Hope the rain lets up before the serious flooding starts, that cemetery looks pretty bedraggled. In some places where cemeteries have flooded sometimes caskets come back up to the surface... if you see any movement in puddles like that... well... RUN !!!

And never walk under a row of birds like that. Jeez, last week I was driving to work when a flock of birds flew over, and the decorated my windshield with three big splats ! Now how is that for being a lucky sod ???

The Sagittarian said...

Owen - gidday! I'd certainly not dillydally about if I saw anything moving underfoot at a cemetary, I assure you. As for being "spallted" by birds it is supposed to be lucky isn't it?

meggie said...

I love visiting cemetaries. I love the Linwood Cemetary, & used to walk there when I was vastly overdue to give birth to my daughter. One of my friends thought I had lost my mind!