Thursday, July 30, 2009

Life's a beach

I took our youngest out for a photo session recently, we got to the local beach. It is in an area known as New Brighton, and is about as warm as the "old" Brighton in the UK! Especially at this time of year, but owing to it being on the east coast we get easterly winds that cut right through you. Even in summer. The guy in the photo above seemed oblivious to the seagulls, and didn't seem to be eating anything to attract them either. Maybe he was in their spot?
A father and his kids ventured out tho', I bet he got an earbashing when he took those shivering kids home!
This chap stopped by, in the back ground is an area of Christchurch called Sumner. Again, it is a beachy settelement and quite pricey but they have a lovely old theatre there. I recall being taken to see "Lassie Come Home" at that theatre with my older brother. My grandmother washed my hair and plaited it, then when it dried she combed out the plaits and gave me two pony tails tied with pink satin ribbons. I must have looked like Lassie!
This is the Brighton Pier, as it looks now. The link willt ake you to what it used to look like and give a bit of history. Out at the very end you can see down into the water and see all the fish. People go fishing there but there was some talk of prohibiting that owing to the mess the fishers left behind. It looked like the Council have provided better cleaning facilities instead.

There is quite a strong surfing community at this beach too, but they were too far down the beach from where we were taking photos to get any good shots! But bring your board if you're heading this way.

I have to say that even on the cold blustery days, I love a good walk on the beach. Don't you?

And now for your complete and utter amusement...this guy wasn't on the beach at all. I'm not sure he was even on the planet!


louciao said...

Hi Saj, I love a good walk on the beach as well, but don't get a chance too often. You sure wouldn't catch me in that surf you showed! The colours and background scenery in your seagull picture are lovely. Cool pier--would really enjoy a stroll on that as well. (no jokes about taking a long walk off a short pier, please!) Isn't it odd we both posted b&w beach shots at the same time?! I've really enjoyed yours--nice and crisp and well framed.

My daughter's home on a visit, hence our trip to the beach. If the weather cooperates, there could be more! I've decided our summer visit drink is the Negroni--it slows us down a bit from guzzling G&T's as it's got that bitterness to it.

I rather think that Russian in the video has a good fashion idea. Keeps one standing up nice and straight, even when piss drunk. ;-}

Meggie said...

We lived not too far from that beach for a time. There were really only about 2 weeks of the year when it seemed hot enough to enjoy! I did love to walk along the sand though.

Steve said...

Ah - thank you - there's nothing like a vicarious holiday! I can practically smell the salt. And thanks to that Russian guy I feel like I've had a drink too.

The villager: said...

Looks like a great place, Sag.

They appeared to be wandering out quite a way, considering it's winter with you.

Brother Tobias said...

Is that a seagull standing on the man's head?

The Russian was hilarious. I'd like to book him for my next party!

I love walking on beaches, although I can never resist beachcombing, so tend to miss the view.

matty said...

Oh, the beach. The best place to always be!

In fact, you've inspired me.

I think I will walk down and watch/listen to the seals.

...and, this time, I hope no men mistake me for a man-whore.

I do so want to see the UK.

Owen said...

Dear Saj, your Russian is hilarious...

Glad to see you getting the kids interested in photography... I guess your blog is proof that photos can attract an international audience... would love to get to New Zealand one of these days...

And if that seagull surrounded guy didn't have food around him, then I'm a monkey's uncle... :-D

VioletSky said...

Your photos make it look so wonderful. I don't feel the bluster at all.

Love that Drunk Russian so oblivious of his growing audience.

Word verification is stingray - are there any out your way on that beach??

The Sagittarian said...

Louciao - Thanks, I love going down there even when it is windy! And wet! I love the sea, altho' being on it makes me puke my guts out. I love the sounds of waves, the gulls, the whole kit and caboodle. There's a bar at the start of the pier, will that entice you to visit???

Meggie - the New Brighton shops are being 'revitalised" apparently, you probably wouldn't recognise the place now.

Steve - I doubt that Russian guy would be able to kick sand in anyone's face, maybe he had one too many Icebergs?

Villager - I thought they were really brave! They were a bit further up the beach, heading north where it was a lot choppier.

BT - I do believe the gull was on his head! I have enlraged that phic several times and came to that conclusion anyway. Beachcombing is fantastic fun, I always feel slightly disappointed that I have never found a body part yet tho'. (I know, it's sad...)

Matty - You'd love our beach, bring Bagel and we'll have a picnic! But a visit to NZ in summer would be best....unless you're fond of sand in your food.

Owen - I thought about wandering round in front of the guy to see if he had any food but I didn't want to a0 disturb the birds or b) have the buggers land on me so I'm really just supposing he didn't. As for photography, the young 'un was using my old film camera that day, she now wants to be photographer when she grows up. Will see.

Violet - yes, that Russian was a lucky find on YouTube! As for stingrays (and an appropriate WV that was eh?) we do have them our herre but I'm not sure if they have been found in that area, might be too cold for them there. I recall many years ago in the Marlborough region at a beach someone got stung but haven't heard of that much lately. Unless you mean the puppet TV show....:-)

A Write Blog said...

Wow, he was drunk. Perhaps he's an avid fan of your 'tipple posts'

The seagulls brought 'The Birds' to mind.

And yes, it does look as though one is on his head.

Unseen Rajasthan said...

Great location..Beach is beautiful and video is great too..Unseen Rajasthan

Margaret Pangert said...

Hi Saj! Is that you laughing on the video?! Too funny! good thing he had such a patient son (or friend)to help him! But the laughter is what really cracked me up! (I suppose I was thinking it was you!). Your photos are beautiful. The black-and-white man-with-seagulls was very striking. I suppose they've been trained to expect tidbits at that end of the boardwalk. You're right, nice for a brisk walk on the beach, but too cold to plunge in! LOVE xxox

The Sagittarian said...

AWB - I did wonder if he had had a drink or three! I did think of The Birds too...

Unseen, thatns. You would love to promote this place, altho' your county is as exotic!

Margaret - I have thought about going abck there to see if the 'gulls are still lurking, but no, not me laughing on the video. Although, I would have been laughing my butt off!! (That may take me awhile tho'....)

Reluctant Blogger said...
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Selina Kingston said...

Oh lord, I'm going to end up like that old Russian if I keep joining you for your Tuesday Tipples!

Fab beach shots - you take a great photo, gal x

The Sagittarian said...

RB - hello, you! Yes, I recall being a bit disappointed with your brighton beach. I have a photo somewhere of me standing outside a shoe shop in Brighton (UK), a rather rude named one...might dig it out.

Selina - aw thanks for your kind comment on my photos! Best not to tipple and take pix methinks...

The Sagittarian said...

Lovely to see you all here too BTW, thanks for visiting me!