Thursday, October 15, 2009

Just another night

Just another night  (c) A.S.
(as observed at Molly Malone's, Wellington late one night …)

She’s a faded red head
Sitting at the bar
Perched up on a bar stool
Where the boys are
Sometimes, she smiles all night
Other times she’s sad
Hitched up on that bar stool
Looking for a lad
And when the lights
Are all switched off
And it’s time to go
You can see her in the streets light
Unsteady - still no beau
She’ll be back tomorrow night
Propped up at the bar
Hair still faded, heart more jaded
Still searching for
Shangri la.


Owen said...

Hey there... is A.S. copyright as in : Amanda Somethingorother ???

Have you been reading a bit of Bukowski perchance ???

Or just off tippling quietly at the bar and observing your neighbors ? Beautiful mood here Amanda... now is this the gal you photographed there not so long ago who was lying on the bench ???

Cheers ! It's all downhill from here to the weekend...

louciao said...

I'm know this is based on personal observation rather than personal experience,Saj. Besides which, I believe you're a blonde?

It's got a good rhythm--I could dance to it... once I get down from my bar stool.

Hold on a sec--our pal Owen has referred to himself as a faded red head. You don't think...??

Steve said...

That's somebody's whole life right there in 19 lines... That's poetry.

The villager: said...

We're all searching for that Shangri La, Sag !

VioletSky said...

a bar stool propping up a poet...

Owen said...

Lynne, perish the thought, I am not a "red head"... pure strawberry blonde...

Friko said...

how melancholy this poem is.
I am glad I've left the age of bar stools, but I'd love to be able to write a poem like this about a night like this.

Old Cheeser said...

Great poem - yet another classic from Amanda, I take it??

And by the way, my students finally got to write those essays based on your "For Clare" poem (amongst other ones)and I have marked them! I will do a round up of the most insightful bits of analysis and send 'em to you! I'm sure you'd be interested to see your very own poem being critically deconstructed!!

OC x

The Sagittarian said...

Owen - dang, you're quick...yes, Amanda Somethingorother it is! As for the poem, it was an observation made during a fantastic night out. I forget what went on the rest of the night...
Louciao - yep, blonde - guilty as charged. As for Owen..not unless he is a she...
Steve - thanks, buddy!
Villager - thats true, some people even find it!
Violet - indeed, I bet that hasn't happened before (haha).
Owen - so you say....
Friko - thank you, considering how beautifully you do write, that is a compliment and a half! :-)
Simon - Oh, yes another one of mine, and as for the "For Clare" poem -I'd love some feedback from your students...have been waiting for it very patiently!

Owen said...

Ok, did Saj run off to meet Louciao for a weekend in Seattle ??? You've both been so quiet I can't help thinking there is some skulduggery going on somewhere...

A Write Blog said...

I like that. Easy on the ear and conveys the picture perfectly.

Té la mà Maria - Reus said...

very good blog, congratulations
regard from Reus Catalonia
thank you

The Sagittarian said...

Owen - sorry, have been away again...makes me lazy!

AWB - thank you!

Reus - thank you, and thanks for visiting!