Saturday, March 20, 2010

I need a drink

I know. I shouldn't. But I do. But only because of extreme provocation!!

Last week when I had literally just gotten off the plane and arrived home, within seconds Ernie staggered out from undeer the deck sporting a very large puffy back paw. Of course, we zoomed off to the vet. Bad news. he had been bitten by something vicious almost to the bone, he had to stay overnight at Pet A & E, have an operation the next day and be on antobiotics for 5 days.  Z

Picked him up from the Vet's on the Friday afternoon and handed over my hard earned cash.

Saturday morning had to take the rabbit (Daisy) to the vet to have his wonky tooth lasered. At this point I figured I may as well leave my wallet at the vets - I offered that but Vet claimed my wallet was empty. Note to self: check what type of car he drives.

This week when i got back from my tripping about, took Ernie back to vet to have the drain removed from his paw. Antibiotics don't appear to have worked as well as they had hoped. They decided to weigh him to see if they had the dosage right. Nope. he weighs in at 5.3kgs...more antibiotics but stronger dose. At least the wee fella is happy to eat them up and we don't have to hide them in food etc.

This morning I notice that Daisy is off his tucker. he also has a dodgy eye. Back to vet where we extract a large grass seed. KERCHING. KERCHING.  He now needs eye drops 4 times a day to ward off any possible ulcer.

I need a drink.


3/4 ounce Tia Maria 9or other coffee flavoured liqueur)
3/4 ounce Cointreau
3/4 ounce light cream

Shake all ingredients together with ice, strain into cocktail glass.
Actually, if you've had a few days like mine maybe double the recipe!!

I took this photo while in Dunedin last week. You might even find me in there...I'm looking into all phone boxes incase Dr Who is there!


louciao said...

Man, talk about getting hammered! And not with a velvet glove. What kind of scam is that vet running that he doesn't even weigh the animal before dosing him? Demand a refund! Or buy stocks in his business.

Never mind Dr. Who, I think you should be looking into the phone boxes for lost change! And returning all your empties to the recycling place for refunds (could be a small fortune right there).

Have a good rest and lots of cuddles with your loved ones.

Lynne xo

Owen said...

Hey there Sis... and is it twin or little ? I can't remember... But anyway, wow, things must be bad if you're starting to drink and offer mixing instructions on Saturday, it's not even Tuesday yet !

To heck with the vet, I think you probably need to get in the kitchen and whip up some rabbit stew to go with that tasty sounding drink, you'll be able to drink more with some tasty stew in your tummy... no ? And after the rabbit stew, maybe open up a Chinese cook book to see how Ernie could serve... or be served ?

Ok, I'm just kidding, put that shotgun away ! But seriously, as much as I love animals, including our two kitty sweeties, I don't know how people manage to pay for veterinarians... If push came to shove, there could be some hard decisions... if I had to choose between money set aside for a daughter's future schooling versus an expensive operation for a cat, for example... am hoping it never comes to that...

So, you've been out galivanting all over the countryside ??? Hope you've been getting some good pix to share with us when life calms down again... in the meanwhile it's just been me and Lynne holding the blog fort down, listening to the quiet in the absence of certain noisy boisterous party people...

Good luck with the animals, and maybe you'll need to get a guard dog as well, to keep whatever bit Ernie away ? A healthy guard dog...

Steve said...

Good grief. Plainly I'm in the wrong business. Here I am chasing fame, money and glory as an author when I should really be doing is shoving a thermometer up a dog's arse. On that note, hope all your ailing 4 legged friends recover soon (and that your wallet bounces back).

P.S. The word verification for this comment was (I kid you not): whines.

Selina Kingston said...

Oh no! Poor you. So this is what happens when you go away? I hope that vet didn't charge you again for correcting the dose.
(New series of Dr Who starts again here in April - come over !)

The Sagittarian said...

Louciao-I wondered about the dosage at the time and probably should have said something, however I did check out the phone boxes for lost change and only found a Fijian 10 cents! So lovely to find the warm blog-arms of my siblings waiting for me here I can tell you! xx

Owen - I'm just the youngest twin (have always hated getting out of bed early)- I was wondering who would suggest a recipe for the disaster visited upon me and it was you! Our vet is quite reasonable really (thats the speech I gave The Stud anyway...)and he doesn't charge for any follow up visits needed for the same pet for the same incident. I'm still hoping one of your blog-nieces will do the decent thing and study veterinary science!! I'm worried the rabbit might need a seeing-eye dog if he doesn't bounce back (groan)

Steve - haha. just love WV.If you change careers remember you have a home in our back yard!!

Selina - Oh, new Dr Who. I wonder what it's like? I'm sure you or Old Cheeser will let me know. I'd love to come over, whats the quarantine like in the UK these days? :-)

A Write Blog said...

Hmmm...a thermometer up a dog's arse.

Nope, not for me.

I'll stick to answering phone calls from crazies and drunks.

..and being releived I don't have any pets to bankrupt me.

I do like your attitude to alcohol.

I bet you're fun to get a little merry with.

Owen said...

Ah, of course, naturally you are the youngest twin, for I never go through a door before a lady, I always stop and hold it open for her...

Meggie said...

I will share that Velvet Hammer...never mind the lactose intolerance.
Pets & Vets. Guaranteed to empty your wallet. Along with Dentists!