Monday, March 08, 2010

Manic Monday

This week is the start of a crazy few months for me, you will be pleased to know that I won't be posting as much drivvel or indeed as much of anything...I am starting on a round of training courses which take me all over the country and leaves me with about only one day a week in the office for the next 2 months.
That is a good thing as I quite enjoy getting out and about, meeting and greeting - but as much as I enjoy having my meals cooked for me and getting my room made up for me, and having sole charge of the TV remote I do miss being at home. And I miss the kids. And I miss The Stud. And I will miss access to a reliable computer to see what you're all up to while I'm away.

I won't miss the ironing, or cleaning out the rabbit hutches.

Catch you when I can...


louciao said...

Crikey! Is it already Monday there? And you're off on a round of adventures, without your sibs. I am going to miss you something awful. The BrOwen and I will be staring at the walls as we quietly cry into our wine.

But Saj, don't tell me it's you who's out teaching the health and safety things? God help NZ!

WV: mugsr
While the Saj is out on the road it is my sincere hope that nobody mugsr.

Love you! Miss you already! Byee!

VioletSky said...

the word verification is 'tests'

I'll just go back over your last few posts of tuesday tipples and drink until you return....

Owen said...

But surely surely you have a portable PC that can connect to the wifi connections that most hotels offer these days ??? So you'll be in touch once in a while, right ??? Hope we won't have to go cold turkey (as in withdrawal, not as in cold wild turkey whiskey, although that may happen too).

Well, shucks, if it can't be avoided, then travel safely, and take lots of pictures... yo bro o.

PS no, the more I think, you can't leave us with no Tuesday Tipple ?!? Hopefully you prepared a few posts in advance which will appear on the programmed date???

Steve said...

We shall certainly miss you! The little folio of cocktails that I have been compiling from your blog will now lie unadded to until you return. :-(

Take care, enjoy yourself and don't forget to write!

Rol said...

Good luck with it, Sag.

Selina Kingston said...

Oh no! I'll miss you. Try and have fun, though I know how lonely hotel living can be x

The Sagittarian said...

Louciao- finally, I'm home for this weekend anyway...I am hoping to get a nwe post up with some pix of my whereabouts. Last year when I did these traveling roadshows I was accompanied by my sister-in-law's inflatable man-doll. I'll tell you about it one day!

Violet- how's your head there?

Owen - you'd think it would be that simple but you gotta remember we're in Noo Zeee-land!

Steve -am a techno-nothing as I have no idea how to make the posts be automatic in my absence!

Rol - hey thanks!

Selina - yeah, its all fun on the first night but then it fades...