Monday, September 03, 2007

What a weekend! So much sun, and so much wood to stack! I managed to get one of the kids to help me stack wood and yes, it would have been faster to do it myself but hey...what are "bonding sessions" for? Anyway, the rhododendrons are grinning themselves bright red in the back yard and the blossoms are out in the park (see?), after the wood stacking we went to the corner dairy and got ice creams and dawdled in the park on the way home. The kids found a tree which they reckon is one from the Harry Potter series of books...what do you think? It ecrtainly did seem that it could come alive at any moment, maybe out of jealously of the lovely trees with blossoms?!
Anyway, our rugby team did the deed and brought home the Ranfurly Shield so that was quite exciting. We had also arranged to go out on Saturday night (yes ok but when you have kids it IS exciting to go out!!) and we saw a New Zealand band that has been around for ages. In fact, I used to go and see them for free (as you can before they get famous elsewhere too) at the Cricketers Arms yonks ago (is that place still there??) - we saw The Warratahs. And they were on fire, it was really a great night out even tho' I was suffering a wee bit from vino rossi overload from the previous night of staying in. Their violin player, Nik Brown, has to be one of the best and I have to confess to embarrassing myself by suggesting to anyone who would listen that they should do "The Devil went down to Georgia" just so we could assess his fantastic fiddling skills...altho' come to think of it, I guess we could have got him to do that in a number of ways. Oh I should stop now, suffice to say anyone who has seen that band live will know what I mean.

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Steve said...

Sounds like you had a fab weekend. I know what you mean about how exciting it is to manage to go out anywhere when you have kids. It's so hard to be spontaneous - everything has to be arranged like a military operation... kidnap a babysitter, brainwash them into staying and looking after the boy, lay mines in the front and back garden so they can't escape while we're out... it's all so exhausting!

Your rhododendrons look amazing by the way.