Sunday, January 20, 2008

The above photo is a pic of one of my Stud's tee shirts. I wonder how he/we would be treated goingthrough Custom's in the good ol' US of A of he was wearing that at the time? It would be a hard act for me to follow, I suspect!
Our grapes are starting to look like this...we are delighted! I always thought they just came in bottles, already pulverised and juiced ready to go. These ones are Chardonnay apparently, you can tell by the leaves I am informed. Whatever.
I am back to work tomorrow, have been "off" since 21 December so am really struggling to find that enthusiasm to get out there. The kids are in a dance programme for the week, then the Stud and I will juggle for a week before the kids go back to school on 4 and 5 February. Meantime, we have the Studs birthday to look forward to. I love him being 10 years older than me.........


Steve said...

I'll take two of those T-shirts, thank you ma'am!

Your grapes look great. Any plans to press them?

Old Cheeser said...

Not back at work until tomorrow? Kids not back at school til 4th/5th February? My God, I wanna move to NZ!!

Great t-shirt, I think the Stud should definitely wear it on a visit to the US. Heads would turn!

Mike said...

Well if I was manning the custom's station, I would encourage people to wear those shirts.

As a matter of fact, if they were wearing one supporting Bush, I might not let them in.

Anonymous said...

haha brilliant t-shirt.

Good luck with the return to work. It is horrible to go back after such a long break.

Take in cakes or something - it'll make sure everyone is in a good mood. Although I have no idea what you do - wouldn't do if you ran a health food shop or a branch of weightwatchers.

meggie said...

Great T shirt!
Shouldering the yoke again can be hard after holidays.
It is nice being married to an 'older' man!!

The Sagittarian said...

Steve - I think that would something we will have a go at with the grapes (but we won't tell them yet, don't want to DEpress them....)
OC - the long school hols play havoc with work I can assure you! However, if you ever do make it out here call round and help me press the grapes.
Mike - my good stepson has a tee shirt with "Good Bush - Bad Bush" in pictures on it. I will let your imagination do the rest, let me know if you need a picture!
RB - I managed to do my usual thing at work today and no-one noticed. I think I will spend the year emailing, drinking tea and staring aimlessly out the window...
Meggie - he's 10 years older than me. I still have fun reminding him that when I was ONLY 10 he was 20, imagine if someone had said to him "See that 10 year old over there...."I can imagine the reaction at that time, however now that we're "older" the 10 years don't seem to matter too much and I can always get him to buy alcohol for me!