Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Sauvignon Blanc made me do it!

Temp reading in the SHADED part of our yard today.

The kids making a splash of it all.
Our flag flying at half mast in rememberance of Sir Ed Hillary. Great man, great life and the best thing for me has been the fact that we let him know how much we valued him while he was still alive. RIP, mate.


meggie said...

My Beloved Brother, who still lives in Auck, has mourned the loss of Sir Ed too.

I am much more cynical. I know he did great things for Nepal- the hosptials etc.

A small voice inside my head says, "But yes, the Maori people of your homeland still beat, & sexually abuse their chidlren to death, but that is not seen by the world. You could perhaps have spent the money at home..?"

It is never as noticeable at home, as it is in another country, is it?

It is the same the world over.

Steve said...

Am saluting along with you... although in a less balmy climate. Love the flag by the way... does Johnny Depp call round often? ;-)

The Sagittarian said...

Hi Meggie, Good point however I think when Sir Ed got his initial fame "that" kind of thing wasn't talked about here as it is now (I could be guessing as I wasn't born then) and I suspect he just made a difference where he felt he could. I like to think perhaps he inspired others to do similar work at home here...however given that successive Governments haven't done much about the problem either I'm not sure where Sir Ed could have started.
Steve, I promise not to blather on about the weather again this week unless it snows here - then rest assured you will here about it!! And yes, that temp gauge is showing 36 degrees. Hope your MIL is doing better.

The Sagittarian said...

Oh and as for young Johnny - not as often as one would like!!

Anonymous said...

This is just TOO much. I am sat watching my sons hurtle about on an ice covered dry ski slope (panic not - I am in the bar - not actually outside!) and you confront me with photos of unfeasibly hot temperatures and swimming. S'not fair!

The Sagittarian said...

RB, thank god you were in the bar -you certainly had me very concerned there for a minute!! Gluwhein all round eh?