Monday, January 07, 2008

We have crabs!

I have to say I was rather peed off myself. I had great plans for today...picnic and everything. we had the hamper all but packed and what happened? Ok, maybe I deserve this (thanks from you guys up "North") rained.
Anyway, I decided what the heck, my parents forced me into many a rain-filled picnic and it never did me any harm. Just ask that guy in the white coat....
Anyway, my eldest daughter and I toddled off anyway to a beach. Where we found this duck. yep. A duck. Kinda like finding a pork pie at a Jewish wedding really, but a duck none the less.
Then we headed off to Sumner (one of our favourite places in Christchurch any time of year). This building caught my eye mainly owing to the spacey buildings being built (too many builts?) above it. Its an old part of the City anyway.
And there you have it. We got crabs, my daughter and I. Just goes to show the importance of going to the right places at the right time. I have to say we beat many a grandparent and their rather smaller grandchildren to these crabs...there is an art to it. Come visit sometime and we will show you. If you think you're up to it that is!

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Steve said...

On my way to the airport right now...!