Sunday, January 06, 2008

I reckon it would be fun if I introduced you all. I only stated blogging because Pixie said i shoud give it a go. Anyway, the above photo wa taken by's a pine cone stuck between two rudeys!!!
Since then, I have visited so many blogs it's not funny. And I feel bad about the ones that Ihaven't got back to as quickly as I should, if at all, seemed to me a great idea if i could introduce at leat those blogs who I had found throught Pixie. So, from Pixie Idecide to get nosey. From there I decided to follow my interest in Coronation Street, there I picked up on Flaming Nora and from there I nosed on thru the Blogs that were there....which led me to The Diary of an Old Cheeser, to others and also Meggie (the first person I didn't know who bothered to comment...) and from the wonderful Meggie, who has such a wonderful blog, I also found Mike! That has actually been a good thing, he is such a docile bloke we should all have 'em in purse size.....Of course, I have been an obvious tart when it comes to shopping. What do I want...when do I want it...anyway, I want to make it clear that I have valued EVERY comment that you have made. I didn't realise that it would make any difference to me if anyone commented or not. But. As Reluctant Blogger has said, does...thanks. And if I win LOTTO I will make sure we are together in a very nice I guess, in some ways if I wanted to and you wanted to...the you have all been tagged to explain your presence. I am just thankful. Jeez, if you knew me like Pixie we would all be phucked.
Thank you so much. And. On the strength of comments by Old Cheeser I'm waiting on acceptance or not from a promenant magazine...cheers, Simon, you gave me the courage to press the "send" button. Yikes!!!!!


Old Cheeser said...

You're welcome Amanda! I know what you mean about the whole blogging thing, like you I came across lots of other bloggers in the process. The beauty of it is the diversity of people you meet along the way and finding out about them and their lives and interests...

And I take it you mean you've submitted some of your poems to a publication? Yaaaaaay!! That's so good and SO nice to know that I had a hand in encouraging/motivating you. I'm flattered!! I was really impressed by your work, so go for it! Good luck with the response.

OC x

Steve said...

Ditto that - it takes real guts to submit work to an editor. I hope your courage is properly rewarded. Blogging keeps me sane - and the more blogs I read the more people I "meet"... my list of blogs that I read regularly has grown quite a bit since I first started my own blog... it's really expanded my social circle on-line and is something I derive a great deal of pleasure from.

The Sagittarian said...

Thanks for your comments guys...I am also somewhat embarrassed by the dreadful spelling in that last post!! Does Blogger have spell check? rest assured the spelling on the poem submitted was much better and wrothy of the 81% I gained for my University Entrance exams!!

Mike said...

I started blogging almost two years ago and can't tell you how many times I have almost stopped. The comments keep me going.

All the best on your submission and I am glad you stop by my place from time to time. I enjoy your blog--keep up the good work.

meggie said...

Good work indeed, & so glad you submitted your work.

Isn't Mike a gem! I just love his blog.

I have a very catholic taste in music & blogs!

Anonymous said...

Awwww - I have been so overwhelmed with visitors that I haven't been out and about in Blogland as much as I would have liked. So I missed this.

Yes, comments are good. I sometimes have my moments about blogging (as you might have noticed!) and wonder if it is a good thing for me to do or whether it is just a way to hide from reality. But I don't think it is really. What is "real" after all?

I've "met" some super people on the blogs and it has been such a cathartic and helpful experience for me to write - that has got to be a good thing.

I will have to check out some of these other people now because there are a few there I haven't come across before. Nothing like a spot of blogslutting of an afternoon!

thank you for mentioning me. It gave me a nice warm feeling inside!