Sunday, February 24, 2008

I am from...

OK,Pixie, here goes!

I am from many places, we moved around a lot when we children were younger. I am from family sing-a-longs on car trips (I swear that as long as I live I will never forget the words to Morning Town Ride!)

I am from camping holidays, scared witless at night by possums sliding down the tent roof for fun in the night.

I am from the smell of freshly mown grass on a lazy Sunday, from Mr Whippy and melting tar on the road side. I am from a summer where the days were so hot and they stretched over the horizon; from stilts made from string and empty Golden Syrup tins; from marmite sandwiches and playing scrabble.

I am from a mother so crafty we sometimes call her McGiver, she can make anything from nothing - she spins, she dyes wool, she makes her own felt and paper, she knits. Ever trying to please, the leftover "affliction" from her own upbringing where she was never good enough.

I am from a Presbyterian turned Anglican-for-love father who taught me that there will always be easier ways but the right way is best and whom is miss with every fibre of my being (every day).

I am from frugal Scottish stock, from Ireland and Cornwall. My great,great-grandfather sold sunlight soap from a barrow in a London Market.

I am from an adventurous parentage, who took us children to live in far Islands; I too am from coal dust and whitebait; stony beaches and nikau palms

I am from boarding school where all manner of things influenced outcomes for us all. I am from failed netball tryouts - the balls I was destined to play with had more life!

I am from seething picket lines, I am from quiet contemplation. I am from many places and none.

Currently, I am from Christchurch.


Anonymous said...

I love these because you find out so much about people. I'm so nosey it's beyond belief!!

Steve said...

You know, Amanda, what you've written here is a poem... and a damn good one too.

The Sagittarian said...

RB, I know what you mean and I confess to that too. Feel free to do one! Its amazing what you end up remembering.

Steve, thank you - given that you write so well that I feel totally incompetent in comparison, you have made my day!

Mike said...

Very nice and Steve is right. This is a poem.

The Poet Laura-eate said...

I loved this posting and think it would make a great poem if tweaked just a tiny bit with missing words put in etc. A good technique then is to print it out cut it into segments and switch around on the living room floor until you've found the perfect order in which to set them.

meggie said...

I love this. Well done. It is quite fascinating to read everyone's different backgrounds.

The Sagittarian said...

Mike, Poet and Meggie - thanks for your kind words. Great idea that, Poet...might give it a go. However, there are several others who have done a stirling effort on the same topic...check out Meggie and Pixie for a start! Both brilliant.