Thursday, February 21, 2008

Wine and Food festival

Yes, that is a whitebait sandwich. My favourite filling of all time.
Oamaru stone carvings. This was part of a "Women's" exhibition at the local Botanic Gardens, they were great. Very much like Beryl Cook stuff but in stone.
Yep, a beer all alone in the park. I agree, it is a tragic sight. Don't worry, the Stud rescued it. This beer is an organic thing from the West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand.
Yep, been at it again folks!! Went to Kakanui at the weekend. Mainly to surprise my mum for her birthday (and it was a surprise, cos her birthday is next week!) and had the added bonus of being the Wine and Food Festival at Oamaru. It was great. I know it's a small town and all but the Festival had the right amount of people to make it really enjoyable, and it was very sunny which is always a bonus.
Now, believe it or not, I didn't do any wine sampling. Nothing to do with the heavy night the night before, and all to do with the fact that I was the driver. Ab-so-rootly true. The band photo is one of my favourite Kiwi Bands (The Warratahs). They were in great rocking form. The Stud and I bumped into the lead singer once in a bar, we all felt like shite the next day but the last time we saw the band he recognised me. (Not the Stud, ME!!) Well, to be honest all he really said was "I recognise you from somewhere" and I said "Um, we had a drink or two at the Blues Bar once" and then he said "Oh shit, I remember now! That was a great night, I felt like shit on a stick the next day". Couldn't have put it better myself.
So, hope that makes up for the pukey post just recently. I am away up North next week, am going further north than I have been before on this soil and am really looking forward to it. I know Mike is going to Utah, but I am sure I can salvage something from Dargaville! Watch this space.
Meanwhile, I shall contemplate my navel and wonder why I haven't done deeply significant posts about really interesting stuff.


Anonymous said...

Oh I think I will have to move in with you - I love whitebait sandwich - plus you've got the Morris Minor of course.

As for the lack of deep and significant posts, at least you do post eh? I never get down to it these days. I give myself a certain amount of computer leisure time and waste it all flicking around chatting in comment boxes or emailing people i will see in an hour or so. Anyway, I reckon that it is hard to write anything deep and significant when you feel happy. That's my excuse anyway. And you always seem jolly so I'm sure you could employ it too.

I love your posts anyway, they are fun!

Steve said...

Love the carving though personally I'd prefer the bottle in my garden...

meggie said...

OMG You just wanted to torture me, & have me licking the screen for thw Whitebait patties!! My favourite food in the whole world!

We had a brief stay at Oamaru.. but I have found incredibly cheap Temuka pottery over here at garage sales. I love it!!

Dargaville.. I have to say, I have never been there, (slinks away ashamedly)

I have tagged you for the 7 weird things Meme, but if you dont want to do it, feel free to ignore it! haha.

The Sagittarian said...

Thanks chp and chappettes....RB, anytime you want to visit you just arrive. We will steal whitebait for you (and you Meggie) if we have to. I lve the stuff, unfortunately have introduced my daughter to it and she loves it too. Pah!
Steve, the beer was surprisingly pleasant. organis from the West Coast. Same place (plaice??) as the white bait. Seems fishy to me.