Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Post 100

Aw, sweet eh? This is Daisy. She looks sweet but is really a terrorist.
So far this week she has left a dead rat on the end of my daughter's bed, she has left a half-chewed dead bird by my daughter's bed and left feathers scattered all round the room. What next we wonder? a horses head??

Now then some garden shots - here we have busy bee doing its thing in a dual coloured "glady". We have a few of these plants, they grow well and don't need too much looking after, which suits my style of gardening perfectly.
Now I am going to show off my bloomers - there is the Ice Berg rose heading skyward...oh, and our wonderful blue sky.
This one is named El Dorado - and smells wonderful. I don't grow roses that don't have a scent, I reckon its the rip off of the century to stick yer beak into a rose, all set, inhale...and what? Nothing? Nope, that DOES NOT happen in my backyard.
Today is also our national day off, which is 6 February, but blogger will show it as some other date that it prefers...why is that?

Anyway, out at the Estuary at Ferrymead en route to Sumner is where kite surfers head on windy days. It looks so easy but I am sure it is hard work. They sure zip about fast. The photo shows blue skies, surf etc...idyllic eh, except for the stench that goes with low tide in that inlet. It was hard work taking the photos - the wind was whipping my hair about so much that my eyes started watering, and the smell off the beach was reminiscent of my nappy-chnaging days. 'nuf said methinks.

I had hoped to have some kind of epiphonic (is that a word?) post, being number 100 and all but this is the best I could manage. Thanks for taking the time out of your favourite drink to stop by! Cheers.


Steve said...

Happy 100th post. Love your cat... maybe he should audition for the Sopranos? There is only one thing worse than a dead bird in your bedroom.... and that's half a dead bird (and the homicide squad waiting outside).

Our neighbour's cat left half a mouse under one of our garden chairs last summer. The back end. I tried not to take it as a social comment...

meggie said...

Congrats on 100 posts!
What is it with cats & dogs, proudly gifting you their kills...or parts thereof??

We once lived in Woolston. Our son attended Play Centre there, & one of the little girls who attended, fell into the Heathcote River. She was saved, but almost died from bactieria from sewage in the river.
I hope things have changed, but....

Pixie said...

happy 100. well done! and don't be cheeky re Melbourne. you'll be the first to know.

Anonymous said...

Oooh well done on reaching 100. Did you get a telegram?

Very cute-looking cat. My cat was not much of a hunter. But she did have a very annoying habit of knocking all the magnets off my fridge every night. Every morning I would come down to find magnets all over the floor!

Mike said...

Congrats on your 100th post.

For the record, most cats are terrorists.

The Poet Laura-eate said...

Happy 100th indeed - Gorgeous cat!

The Sagittarian said...

Thanks everyone. Its good to know that the cat may be able to find a home elsewhere if need be (hahaha). So far this week she has been restrained.