Saturday, February 02, 2008

If you go down to the woods today...

Yes, today was the Teddy Bear's Picnic in the park. It was fun, although we did get caught out and are a bit sunburnt (sorry to bring up the "s" word again). No excuse for it either really, even tho' it was mostly overcast today I am certainly old enough to know that we should "slip, slop, slap" before heading outdoors. However, along with a plethora of other bears I took along my old Ted. That's him there. He has been my best bud since I was a wee fart-in-a-bonnet. He used to growl until I tossed him out of my cot somewhere around the age of ..mummble. He is now probably getting along for 50 (taking into account the amount of time he probably spent in the shop prior to being bought I hasten to add!!)
The major gripe I have about the whole event actually relates to the blimin' cost of everything there. $3 to park, $7 for a Pita Pocket, $3 for a small coffee which you had to wait about 10 minutes for, $5 for the ride the kids HAD to go get the picture. I dunno why these people go to so much bother to overcharge for things. I am sure they would make more money if everything was $2 (like the Shetland Pony rides - but the queue was a good 20 mins wait, probably popular because of the price!!) and a helluva lot more people would pay up, rather than a handful of those able to cough $5 more. Or, is it my Scottish ancestry kicking/reeling/jigging in?
At one point, the bears all got the chance to fly...their owners were encouraged to throw theie bears in the air in the Great Bear Throw Up. This is my youngests' bear, Little Bear. There is a line in the Velveteen Rabbit which refers to a bear having his/her fur loved off. I love that story and can't believe it is not in our home library. I must add it to the shelves, I really have a soft spot for well-written children's stories. One of my prized possessions is actually a Story Book of Nonsense which my Dad gave me and even tho' I was at least 28 when he gave it to me I loved it as much then as I do now.
Speaking of love, I JUST LOVE THIS NECKLACE. Of course, one would need the right accessories to wear with it...but I guess it would look fantastic even if "one" was butt-naked!!


Steve said...

Tom has got his first teddy bear - a beautiful one with golden fur - and already refuses to sleep without. I hate using the word "cute" but... (!)

Anonymous said...

Oh I just love the Velveteen Rabbit. It makes me cry every time.

My children all have their bears with which they sleep every night.

The mysterious G is a toy restorer and runs her own Dolls hospital. Some of the things that come into the shop have def had their fur loved off. But it is amazing how long bears and dolls survive and some of them are worth a fortune.

I shall find that book as soon as I get home and read it again. I'm glad you reminded me about it.

The Poet Laura-eate said...

Blimey, the world's coming to something when you can't even go for a non-commercial picnic these days!

Love the bear though!

meggie said...

Your Bear is wonderful. My childhood one was eaten by a dog. My mother repeatedly told me it was my fault for leaving it outside- she never replaced it. I bought myself another when I was 18, & I still have him.
A shame such simple pleasures have to cost so damn much.

I am sure the necklace would be wonderful on a naked body!

The Sagittarian said...

Thanks everyone, bears = cute. End of story really.
RB - I was gioven a doll by my grandparents )before I was even born) - they bought it in Port Said on a cruise round the world back in 1955. I had her restored a few years ago...will get a photo of her to post.

Mike said...

I bet the necklace would look good especially if one were naked.