Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Ya want proof?

This is proof that perhaps inbreeding ain't the way to go, ya hear?


Steve said...

With a face like that would in-breeding even be possible?

The Poet Laura-eate said...

Don't mock the afflicted Steve!

Anonymous said...

oh gosh. I was quite looking forward to my lunch before I popped over here. Now I feel suddenly queasy.

There was a lot of inbreeding in Wales. I once lived in a tiny place with a huge name (penbontrhydybeddau - try saying that when you are drunk and need a taxi home) and I used to say hello every day to this bloke who I passed - he was very squashed looking and incredibly ugly. Sometimes he said hello and other times he looked at me strangely. It wasn't till the village Fair that I realised there were actually 3 men who all looked the same weird squashed way and some days I had met one and some days one of the others. They weren't related as such - although everyone was related really. But he didn't look quite as grim as that picture.

Ooops sorry - feeling chatty today. I'll shut up and go and eat now. Must remember not to click back and see that photo on my way out.

Have a lovely day!

The Sagittarian said...

Sorry everyone, I was feeling ,like posting but also feeling lazy! Gina, hope you managed to eat something. I suspect the photo has been photoshopped anyway. If that makes anyone feel any better.

Girl Vino said...

OMG! I just threw up a little in my mouth!

meggie said...

I remember people who looked strangely the same as that!
They had siblings named Harold, Harry, Bill & Willaim, May & Mary... they were very silent if you spoke to them. They smiled & nodded a lot..