Monday, February 08, 2010

Dr Who?

The above photo is not mine and I will happily remove it if requested to do so.

We viewed the first part of The End of Time last night. I have to say it's been ages in coming, not sure who is in charge of programming at Prime TV but they need a big fat nudge.

Anyway, we thought DT was at his best over the top last night but I suspect it is due to his character knowing the end is near...The Master did my head in with his crazy laugh and the close ups of him scoffing food was stomach turning on its own! We liked the green spiky people, and DT's reference to a short red one had us laughing. I am also a bit sad that Rose isn't being shown as his possible 'bestie' - I do like Donna but he seemed to be more into Rose. Maybe its cos I'm blond....however, part 2 is being looked forward to only in as much as how it ends, we're big David Tennant fans in our house and even tho' we haven't seen much of his Dr in the past 12 months or so, we really aren't looking forward to seeing him regenerate.

So, here's a nice wee song from a Kiwi Band "The Feelers" - sorry it's a photo job and not a proper video. Enjoy!


Steve said...

The ending is good 'n' emotional... have the tissues and a nice glass of wine to hand.

Selina Kingston said...

Oh you've got a treat coming. Part 2 is very good. Tennant is excellent.
I love him. I actually LOVE him. I went to see him in Hamlet last year and I swear he was looking at me throughout the performance !!! My daughter said it was her and my friend (who was three rows behind)said it was her but I KNOW it was me !!!

The Sagittarian said...

Steve - The resident Whovian and I were discussing this in the car this morning on the way to school, we were both fighting tears at the mere thought! I'm now thinking perhaps 2 glasses...

Selina - Oh I know what you mean, sadly the same thing happened to me at a Cliff Richard concert!