Thursday, February 11, 2010

How much is that doggie in the window?

Just down the road from my office is an Antique store. I love antiques and I always peek in the window to see what the guy has added. I only had my cellphone camera but snapped this wee pooch, he usually sleeps in one of the old chairs out on the foot path (pavement to some) but it is drizzling today and he is keeping watch at the door. His name is George. Isn't he cute?
I had a chat to the store owner once and commented on the dog as I had a spaniel called Cindy when I was little, she was a honey colour and had the longer face. Anyway, the owner told me that he always gets a black spaniel just like this one and he always calls his spaniels George and that THIS George was really number 4. 

I suppose that takes the hassle out of deciding what to call your pet but to me that is part of the magic of gaining a pet. 

Sometimes when we get stray cats in the yard we try and guess what their name is...most respond to "Get out of here". How do you decide what to call your pets?

And yes, you guessed it....I loved this song as a child (showing my age)...


louciao said...

Oh, my favourite song as a kid, too! Especially singing along with the "woof woof" part!

I've co-owned one dog in my life thus far and that will do me, thanks. She arrived with her own name of Maxie.

Just waiting for the present cat resident, named Tasha (after Tasha Yar of Star Trek) to wear out her 9lives. Not that I don't love the little darling, just that I'm done with being responsible for other's lives at this point.

kj said...

i've had sniffy and mitch and nicki and rosie and alice and max and alex and frodo and faye faye and crytal starlight and now stella.

i've totally love every single one

Steve said...

It's bizarre but names usually just suggest themselves. Personally I've also wanted a black and white collie bitch who I will call Georgia. I cannot tell you why. It's just what I want and one day I shall do it.

rb said...

Aw yes, he is cute.

When we had Trefor and she had kittens we decided to name them after the goal scorers of the European Cup football match which was being played on the night they were born - they ended up being called Shearer, Kuntz and Penalty Shoot Out. We kept Shearer.

The latest cat (sadly still missing) is called Teuvo and was named after a little Finnish baby that my boys were fond of whilst we were in Australia. It confuses people that the name ends in O but the cat is female.

Am hoping we won't have to think of another name too soon :o( and that Teuvo will return to us.

Anonymous said...

Great video clip, wishing yet again my DD had brought home stray puppies instead of stray kittens.
" the naming of cats is a serious matter" didn't T.S.Eliot say that?

Choosing names is fun, like choosing names for your unborn baby when you're pregnant. Good times.

The Sagittarian said...

Louciao - oh yes, that "woof woof' was always the loudest and most cherished part!

kj - lovely names, at our Vet's last night I noticed a flyer for a missing cat named "Chris"!

Steve - make sure you post us photos of her when you get her!

rb - Kuntz? You'd have to careful with your pronounciation there eh? Great names for cats, let us know if Tuevo turns up.

Misbehaving - I agree, and it was so much fun...we would watch a movie and then read the names of those in the movie to see how they sounded!