Friday, September 07, 2007

Busy, busy, busy! Where have I been now? well, I have been in Invercargill. The city is so far south you almost think you're going to fall off the Island if you keep going. Flat earth and all that. Mind you, I had the best ever Seafood Chowder at a great place in Riverton a few years ago. Since then I try and sample Seafood Chowder wherever I go in a "survey" (no, its not an excuse really) to see if there is anywhere that does it better. By the way, when you follow the link to Invercargill make sure you click on the Southland icon on the bottom of the front page. It shows you a map and everything!
The people in Southland have a different accent to the rest of us Kiwis. They "roll their r's"...words like "Worker" and "third" come out elongated "Worrrker" Thirrrd"...its very cute. I have to confess now to being guilty of playing a wee game at meetings down that wa

y. My aim is to try and get the "opposition" to say words that have "r" in the middle, then play deaf and ask them to repeat it. I know, this is childish and possibly inhumane and if I tried harder I could probably not do it. But its fun.

I like the flight home. We fly inland for awhile, winter its a sight and a half to see the snow capped mountains. For this time of year there is still a lot of snow about. My favourite sight is of the Waimakariri River, splayed out like a shredded ribbon it meanders its way across Canterbury.
I took this photo from the plane window (well, obviously really) to give you an idea of the River. Some parts of it are as full as fat chaps socks, others like this.
Now for something completely different, and in direct reference to Bloggertropolis' blogs about chef's, it seems the Kitchen Pixies do have a sence of humour. One can only imagine to words he used!!

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Steve said...

Urgh! I've heard of "boil in the bag" but that's ridiculous! Did he de-glaze the pan afterwards?