Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I've been away again, this time to (see photos) WELLINGTON!
I used to live there and still have a nostalgic simper whenever I either have to go there or actually get there, why is that?
Anyway, it was raining and cold and miserable (part of the reasons I left) so I didn't even get to do some shoe shopping. I LOVE the shoe shops in Wellington. I adore shoes. I am kinda like Emelda Marcos in that way, the kids grab me and drag me away if they see a shoe shop lurking. I have bought them off thusfar by promising them that when I do finally "pop my clogs" -they can have them! Er, the shoes that is, not the clogs.
Part of my job means that I spend a bit of time wearing sexy white gumboots (blood spattered on a good day, don't ask me what the other stuff is!) maybe thats why I have this shoe thing, cos I didn't use to have a shoe thing. I used to have a thing for earrings but then I had babies and went off earrings very quickly!
So, what are YOUR THINGS? (Please, don't send me pictures of anything too dodgy!!)


Antipodeesse said...

Oh boy, you sure know how to make a girl homesick!

The Poet Laura-eate said...

White wellingtons covered in blood? Crikey, not an unsuccessful surgeon in your day job I hope?

Love the first piccy of the houses in Wellington - I'll have the one with the red roof!

all tha best.


Steve said...

My things are very boring... books. Absolutely love books.

I agree with Laura - the architecture in Wellington looks amazing.

Old Cheeser said...

One of my exes was from Wellington. A shame we split before I got to see it and NZ, ha ha! Still one day I hope to visit. One of my other mates went to NZ for about 9 months and explored both islands, I saw the pics, they looked amazing. You are lucky to live in such a beautiful place Amanda!

You should meet my fella cos he loves shoes too, a gay version of Imelda M.

My THINGS? Well DVDs, CDs and clothes are kind of like my addictions I guess...although now I'm trying to be sensible cos we're trying to save for our new flat, so have to cut back on all those things...grrrrr!! (I did splash out this lunchtime though cos we had a visiting bookseller at the university, and got a very cheap boxset of Dr Who books for £10...well what do you expect? Not exactly gonna break the bank is it, eh?)