Tuesday, September 04, 2007

That's me and my big brother, according to the writing on the back it is 29 February 1964. I still have that teddy bear.

Oh, and this was our sunset on Saturday night (1 September 2007), phtot taken from our back yard. Beautiful eh?


Steve said...

I'm very jealous. Of both the sunset and the teddy bear.

Lucy said...

Wow! Those photos are so telling, aren't they? It's amazing how "time" works. I'm always in awe of how a photos captures an image, a feeling, and an era all at the same time.

So you're a Sag, are you?

The Sagittarian said...

Hi Steve, that poor old bear! Honestly, even after all these years I'm still uncertain if its a boy or girl bear. Its just "my ted". It now adorns the bed of my 12 year old.

Hello Lucy, yes guilty as charged ma'am!