Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Here we have Ernie Sometimes and Miss Daisy. They both volunteered to live with us a few years ago. Ernie used to arrive only every other day and sometimes not at all. Hence his name. We see him more often these days. He has a broken tail which doesn't seem to be bothering him at all. I am the only one he allows near him without food. He is so cute. Mind you, he has quite a large bonce for a mog...I like to think of him as the strong and silent type.
Miss Daisy used to live in the park near our house. She is cross-eyed and had been hit by a car at some stage. She is very sweet and the kids love her. She sleeps on my youngest daughter's bed at night. Her fur is so fine and soft, she makes me sneeze.


Steve said...

Gorgeous cats. We're toying with the idea of having a cat once the baby is born - but we want the baby here first so that the cat is used to everybody from the off. Both Karen and I had cats when younger and we both feel the house is missing something without a moggie...!

The Poet Laura-eate said...

Handsome beasts indeed!

Every home should have one, preferably two (she says not having a furrypurry of her own at the mo' as she's out too much and it wouldn't be fair).

The moment my life feels more settled I definitely want one though.

Steve, pets are SO good for kids, teaching them about caring and even a bit of responsibility (if you're lucky!). But sounds like a good idea to get the baby installed first as you say.

The Sagittarian said...

Thanks for calling in, Poete, I note you had a lovely ginger mog on your site..I have a mjor soft spot for ginger ones. We had one years ago, named Chamberlain, and then recently had one turn up to die with us!

Phil said...

Gotcha! Ernie boy. Well he's certainly a bloke cat and a bit of a thuglette by the mean look on his face...but...No - he's not quite got the debonair rakeish handsomeness of "MY TAZZY WAZZY WAZZY....SO BLUDDY THERE!!!!"


Now yor weally weally gonna hate me arn't thou...

P.S. Word Verification was - 'spingrat'

Guess that's whot i is.